Monday, August 29, 2005

baby tuxedo bear update!

oh, he is just too cute! he'll be 8 weeks old next week and he's lookin' pretty plump. look at that round tummy and butt!! there he is over there. his eyes opened the other day. he still doesn't do much 'xcept flail his arms 'n legs all around, but pretty soon, he'll be crawlin' and stuff.

Mia and Ghost were very nice the other day to let me know about the baby namin' contest the zoo is havin'. their Mom heard about it and told them. if you go here: you can find out 'bout it. the zoo is gonna pick one name of somebody who voted and bring them and a friend to washin'ton dc for the naming ceremoni - everything all paid for! wow, would that be fun or what?? so all you poodins go vote and maybe one of us will be lucky and get to be there for the big par-tay!!

just thought you might want to know.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

what's that, can i eat it?

i'm just snoozin' away a saturday afternoon when i spy somethin' in my basket. ooh, is it somethin' good to eat?? geez, it's one of my Mom's stupid felix the cat things. i guess when she got me she de'cided that anything tuxedo must be good and she started collectin' felix stuff. the whole upstairs bathoom is felix stuff. if you ask me, the whole house should be tuxedo stuff.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

me and 17 squirrels!

maybe some of you poodins have heard of Border Collies - they're black 'n white - Tuxedo Collies!! anyway, i think i used to be a Tuxedo Collie in a pre'vius life or somethin' 'cause i love to herd, just like a Tuxedo/Border Collie. my Mom took my picture, it's a little fuzzy 'cause she had to take it thru the screen. everytime she came outside the squirrels would scatter. but there i am, just under the bird feeder (that white thing in the middle) with 17 squirrels all aroun' eatin' sunflower seeds. i work hard for my crunchies!!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

shower day

well, i don't understand what happened today. my Mom got all dressed up in a skirt and stuff and took presents to somebodys house for a shower. why can't she just take a shower here like she usually does?? i know our showers not broken 'cause the Dad used it last night. sometimes they just do the weirdest things. meanwhile, i was stuck inside all day 'cause my Mom was gone for hours and hours takin' that shower.

when i finally got outside, i spent a really long time rollin' on the concrete tryin' to get my new Tuxedo collar off. it's real nice lookin', but it's kinda stiff and i don't like the way it feels on my neck. my Mom kept tellin' me to stop, that the more i wear it the quicker it will break in and be comfy, but why should i have to wait for that? it should be comfortable as soon as i put it on, shouldn't it?

meanwhile, i'm glad this weekend is over. not only did my Mom go take a shower, but we had Dream Cruise here, just two blocks from my house and it was real loud. it's a bunch of old people drivin' cars in a circle for days.......what? Mom says they're not old people in cars but people in old cars......(cripes, what's the difference??). anyway, those old people in their old cars were real noisy and it was hard to get a good day's sleep! so now it's over again for another year.

Friday, August 19, 2005

look what my Mom got me!

last time my Mom went to Noo Orleans Looisiana she was walkin' down the street and saw a place called The Cat Practice. it reminded her of the place i go to see the doctor 'cause it's also called the Cat Practice 'xcept it's here in the Mitten state. so she went in and found me some Tuxedo mice that have catnip in 'em! there i am in my basket on the back porch and if you look close you can see my Tuxedo mouse. (it looks just like my leg!) but then, the best part is she found me a Tuxedo collar too! i'm in the back yard modelin' it. lookit, isn't it cool??? Being an afishiando of everything Tuxedo, i am so happy my Mom thinks of me when she's out of town when she could be shoppin' just for her.

if anybody hasn't looked at the pandacam, it's way cool. the baby Tuxedo bear is growing every day. my Mom and i watch it every night and it's amazin' how we see him get bigger every single day. the mom bear and the baby are so very cute together. you can tell how much they love each other, kinda like me and my Mom! check it out at

Sunday, August 14, 2005

sssh, don't tell Mark

my Mom and the Dad are going to a su'prise party today for their friend Mark. he turned fifty the other day and i guess that's pretty old so they're havin' a party for him to say goodbye.....what? ......oh, my Mom says it's not that old and the party isn't to say goodbye, it's just to say happy birthday. ok, well, anyway, my Mom is makin' some big pans of Mexican stuff for them to eat before they have dinner. it doens't look very good it me, i mean it doesn't even have any fish in it!

that's me over there on the table tryin' to help before my Mom made me get down.

what i really want to tell everybody today, though, is that if you haven't looked at the panda cam to see the baby tuxedo bear, you should. he's growin' real fast and is movin' around a lot and is really, really cute. we found a different cam on animal planet that is not so dark looking, it's at and you might want to check it out.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

quiet, hot summer day

why my Mom would bother taking a day off and not spending it with me i'll never un'erstand. i was here all day, not doing much of anything and we could have played or read or watched a movie or just sat in the yard and 'njoyed the summer day. but no. she has to go shopping and to a movie. sigh. so this is what i did. just sat in my house in the kitty condo.

this other picture on the left is a bigger view of the kitty condo. it's pretty cool. it's 'bout 10' x 16' with a ramp from my Mom's office window, and it's got chicken wire over the top so nothin' bad can get in and we can't get out and we can lay in the sun, or in our house, or on concrete, or dirt or in the grass and be safe. and sometimes chips and mice run thru and we get to chase them. i'm not very good at catching 'em. my sister is better than me but my Mom hates it when that happens. that's my sister Casey up on the right. we dont' get along very well. i came here when i was real little and she was a year old and she tried to kill me. a lot. then one day i noticed that i was bigger than her and could kick her butt and it's been pretty calm ever since. but we still don't get along great. we'll sit together and stuff but we would never, ever like cuddle or get close. it's hard to forget when somebody tried to kill you. over and over.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

doots in the suits!

yup, I'm gettin' it all planned out. the last trip my Mom took, she hasn’t put her suits-case away yet ‘cause i’ve been layin’ on it on purpose. it kinda feels like a hammock and it’s pretty comfy. so, it’s all furry and smells nice like me now! i’ve heard terrible things about when fall comes and she’s sposed to go far, far away like to Arizona and Hawaii! that’s way too far away, i don’t think i’d be able to sleep at night!! so my plan is to do what Fiona bun s’gested. doots in the suits-case. just have to figure out a way to make sure she keeps that suits-case out so I can get them in there before she puts her stuff in…… takin' a nap now to work on my plan, dreamin' of doots in the suits.......doots in the suits...........doots.................

Sunday, August 07, 2005

i have a friend

well, sort of. i like him more than he likes me. his name is Chip and he lives in our yard. my Mom calls all of these guys Chip which is kind of weird 'cause there's 'bout a zillion of them runnin' around. i like him 'cause he's quiet and doesn't cause any fuss. just scurries around, pickin' up sunflower seeds and carting them home to the big seed storing places. my Mom feeds the birds and squirrels and the chips all visit too. i wish he wouldn't run when i walk over to visit with him. i'm sure we'd have lots to talk about. i wouldn't hurt him or anything bad. the birds all take off too. the only ones who don't seem scared of me are the squirrels. i'll show you a picture of me herding them another time.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

i dunno what's goin' on

well. this is a little worrisome. yesterday my Mom was pullin' my fur out with those dumb burrs.

today, my whiskers are falling out.
two so far.
any poodin know what to do 'bout this development??

Friday, August 05, 2005

why is this MY fault??

well. i never will understand. i get in trouble and am totally innocent here. when you let me out in the yard, i cannot be 'sponsible for lookin' out for those burr things. it's your yard, Mom, i don't do the gardening. then when i come inside and you get all mad 'cause i have burrs in my fur, and then you insist on yanking them out, along with my fur, and then have the nerve to get mad when i get bitey on your hands and use my claws a little too 'cause, duh, by the way, it hurts to have your fur yanked out of your skin, would you like me to pull your hair out????? sigh. it's hard to be a poodin.

i'll make a deal with you, Mom. you clean up those stupid burr plants and just get rid of them, and i won't get bitey on you any more. deal?

Thursday, August 04, 2005

baby tuxedo bear!

well, as Mia and Ghost noted yesterday, the zoo people checked out the baby tuxedo bear at the nat'ional zoo for the first time and found out that its a boy bear. it weighs 1.82 pounds (a little guy!) and is healthy and his Mom cares for him really good. that's him over there, isn't he cute?? his neck is all pinky looking i think 'cause he doesn't have all his fur grown in yet. wish i had me one of those tuxedo bears. i would take real good care of it and give it lots of bamboo (my mom told me that's what they eat. course not this little bear, he just drinks bear milk now.) the panda cam is fun to watch if you haven't done that yet. It's at

just thought you might want to know.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

who does she think she is???

well. my Mom went away for three whole days and didn't even tell me. all of a sudden, here i was, stuck with the Dad. not that I don't like the Dad, 'cause i do, but he's not my Mom! she went to some place called niagra falls with her girlfriends that she's known since kindergarden, whatever that is. they go away some place every summer, which i do not like. my Mom said she went on some boat called Maid of the Mist and stood there while 34 million gallons of water per minute poured over some cliff right in front of the boat. i don't know, that just sounds stupid. and wet. why they do some of the things they do i will never understand.

anyway, while my Mom was gone i couldn't go outside, or get online or anything. it was a very boring few days. i had to jump on the kitchen table and munch on a purple shamrock just to get some greens into my tummy since i wasn't going out in the yard. my Mom was a little mad about that, but a guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do. next time, don't go away and i won't eat your stupid plant.