Sunday, August 21, 2005

shower day

well, i don't understand what happened today. my Mom got all dressed up in a skirt and stuff and took presents to somebodys house for a shower. why can't she just take a shower here like she usually does?? i know our showers not broken 'cause the Dad used it last night. sometimes they just do the weirdest things. meanwhile, i was stuck inside all day 'cause my Mom was gone for hours and hours takin' that shower.

when i finally got outside, i spent a really long time rollin' on the concrete tryin' to get my new Tuxedo collar off. it's real nice lookin', but it's kinda stiff and i don't like the way it feels on my neck. my Mom kept tellin' me to stop, that the more i wear it the quicker it will break in and be comfy, but why should i have to wait for that? it should be comfortable as soon as i put it on, shouldn't it?

meanwhile, i'm glad this weekend is over. not only did my Mom go take a shower, but we had Dream Cruise here, just two blocks from my house and it was real loud. it's a bunch of old people drivin' cars in a circle for days.......what? Mom says they're not old people in cars but people in old cars......(cripes, what's the difference??). anyway, those old people in their old cars were real noisy and it was hard to get a good day's sleep! so now it's over again for another year.


Blogger Puff said...

You think it's funny they drive around in old cars? Where I live they don't even drive em. They just park em all at the train station on Fridays nights and people go to see them! How silly is that.

9:02 AM  
Blogger William said...

And where I am? Sometimes kids drive by with that loud loud stuff coming out of their cars and make our house rattle. How dumb is that.

12:26 AM  

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