Monday, June 25, 2007

plastic flowers

well, i can't show you 'cause my Mom is too lazy.....oh, sorry, "tired", to go over there and take a picture. but there is a house in our neighborhood and every inch in their garden is covered in plastic flowers. yup. plastic. i can see in the winter maybe a little plastic poinsettia or somethin' to brighten things up. but right now things are growing like crazy. and they plant plastic. i guess it saves 'em a lotta time. and probly water too 'cause i doubt you have to water plastic. how weird are these people??

on another note, i am feeling fine. my Mom says i look like a totally new Handsome Man 'cause i'm so much smaller 'cause they combed so much fur offa me when i was sleepin'. whatever, i feel unemcumbered by all that weight, free as a bird......

my sister discovered somethin' interestin' today. she thought the chimpmunks that live under our concrete patio just had one entry/exit hole. nope. they have a whole maze of holes right next to the garage. i think she'll probly spend the whole summer sitting right there, starin' at the ground........

Friday, June 22, 2007

what the hedoublehockeysticks!!!

the green thing you see on my back leg is a PAIN PATCH. why would i need a pain patch? because without even warning me, my Mom dumped me into the kitty carrier at 7am today and took me to the vet doctor. i love Dr. Cindy and Dawn the vet tech, but to not even TELL me that they were going to shave my leg, put an IV in, put me to sleep and cut out/pull FIVE of my teeth was just wrong. apparently i have a hereditary condition where teeth just break off at the gum line. some times the roots reabsorb and sometimes they get all infected. i had one tooth that had already broken off and they had to dig out the roots and then pull four other ones. i have stitches in my mouth and one of the tooths they pulled was my front canine, so now i have a gap and look like a poor homeless white trashbin kitty. they told my Mom to bring me home and confine me to one room and that i shouldn't do stairs, but i wasn't havin' any of that. i howled and howled and she let me out and i ate lunch and went to the Men's room and patrolled the house. she's been tryin' to get me to take a nap, but i just don't feel tired. and my mouth really hurts. my Mom told me it was for my long term health and she had to do it, sheesh. i did get kisses from Dawn and she called me "handsome man." that was kinda nice. Dawn is pretty and she smells nice. i just want this day to be over. my Mom told me it was really expensive to have this done, but hey, that's not MY problem. she didn't even consult with me about it ahead of time. also, my Mom is real tired. her raydiashun and chemo is catchin' up with her. plus a lot of her hair is fallin' out and she's really unhappy 'bout that. she's doing the pirate look with a scarf wrapped around her head. poor Mom. poor me. it's a good thing the Dad and Casey are healthy.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

no party this weekend

hi. my Mom said she was not "in the mood" to do a party this weekend for my birthday last week, so maybe next weekend. she and her friend went to Detroit yesterday to the the Race for the Cure, the breast cancer fundrasier. her freind had breast cancer twelve years ago and is doin' great. then they went to Eastern Market, a big open air farmers market (i got two new catnip plants!!!!) so, even tho no party, it's still an okay weekend. this is my sister Casey on patrol. i was inside nappin. we take shifts.

Monday, June 11, 2007

what the heck????

well i never. it's my 10th Purrthday and my Mom almost forgot! she says it's just that she has so much goin' on and all, but how often does a guy turn ten???? she did fix me some nice cod and i got to romp in the yard a bunch. she promised that next weekend we'd par-tay. maybe i can convince her to let me have friends come over. so, Happy Purrthday to me!!

Saturday, June 09, 2007


Hi everybody, hope you're all doing good. it seems that each week somethin' is goin' wrong somewhere in our world, but we just keep bloggin' and sloggin' thru it. yea us!
it's a beautiful day. our yard is amazin' - everythin' is way bigger than it normally is this time of year. i'm gonna have my Mom take some pictures later that we can post.
Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

My Mom

i just wanted to let everybody know that my Mom is doin' good. her stupid oncologist didn't give her any anti nausea pills so last week she threw up all day and then had to go to the emergency room. she's real disappointed in her doctors at this one health system and is going to switch everything she does to another good hospital in the area. but it was really bad that she was so sick for no good reason. plus she's really angry that if they let her "fall thru the cracks" that they do it to a lot of other people too, and a lot of these people are really sick, not real smart to begin with, without a good support system and what on earth do they do??? she and my aunt Barbara are going to write a scathing letter to the hospital system that screwed up tellin' them that they should be more careful 'bout takin' care of people.

but, right now, we're fine, enjoying our yard and June and just tryin' to find somethin' to smile 'bout every day.