Sunday, May 28, 2006

Holiday weekend

somehow it doesn't feel much like a holiday, but we're doin' our best. thank you so much to everybody who is sendin' purrs and wishes - it sure helps.

my Mom and the Dad are going flower shoppin' soon for our yard. that should help cheer us all up, then they're goin' to a barbeque. life does go on......

Thursday, May 25, 2006

not good news

my Mom saw the noo-ro-surgon. she has somethin' in her head that shouldn't be there and he needs to take it out. so prob'ly June 12 or June 19. we're all pretty scared. thank you for all your good wishes, it helps a lot.

Monday, May 22, 2006

scarey times

hi everybody. i'm sorry i haven't written but it's been kinda bad around here. my Mom had to go to the emergency room thursday night and she's been in the hospital ever since. i don't know what's wrong with her but i'm real scared. please say a prayer that she gets better.

p.s. my Mom came home today thank goodness, i was so worried 'bout her. we don't know anythin' much 'cept she has an appointment with somethin' called a ner-o-sur-gon on Wednesday to find out 'xactly what's wrong. please keep your paws crossed!!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Thank You All

Patches from the Big Piney Woods has reported that Edsel is there - safe and sound. Thank you Patches, Mittens and Mistrie and your Mom for looking after him. Magoo has reported that the Stinky Goodness arrived and Magoo's father checked and the Canadian authorities no longer think that my precious boy is a criminal. Thank you all so much for your love and concern, it means so much to us. Patches - please send Edsel home....I need him here.
Thank You all.... I am so touched.


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

is anybody out there?

E: man, nobody's home.....what am i gonna do????
hmmm, Kukka's not far from here, i'll try callin' her
dial,dial, dial, dial........kukka, hey kukka you there??
darn, Kukka's not answerin' either......what should i do????
....i better run, while i can......oh, my Mom....whispers...i know you
can't hear me, bye Mom, i love you.......snif, snif, byeeee........
Edselsmom: Edsel....where are you????? The man from
Customs went away, he said it's probably just a misunderstanding
.......where are you......Edsel? Edsel??????

Monday, May 15, 2006

please just leave me alone.....

Mom: Edsel?
Edsel: yes, Mom, i'm busy......
M: where are you and what are you doing?
E: i'm on the back porch and i'm busy...
M: Answer me - what are you doing????
E: if you must know, i'm lookin' at a dead fly in the's wings are pretty
M: Stop that right now and go into the basement.
E: ......why? ........
M: Just do it. NOW.
E: voice quivering ~~~is somethin' wrong~~~?? very tiny it them?????? the Canadian authorities?????? mooooom, you said you'd take care of it.....i donnwannagotoprison........
M: whispering......get down stairs....i'll handle it........
Five Minutes Later:
E: hello??? hello???? darn it i can't get any reception on my cell down here in the basement.....BONI? BONI? can you hear me????? i can't talk real loud.......hello????hello??? oh darn, it's not goin' thru, i'll try another number ~beep~beep~boop~bink~beep-beep-beep-beepbeepbeepbeep~~~ ring, ring, ring OREO, dude is that you???............voice mail, ooh, i know i'll try Slick and Shaggy and Scout - they should be home........dial, dial, dial......HELLO????

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mom's Day!

to all our Mom's who take care of us so good, Happy Mom's Day! we got our Mom two whole pounds of candy. she said "yum"

why we love our Mom - she got us treats! me helpin' Mom!

Friday, May 12, 2006

on the lam........

Voice at the Door (VATD): Hello (Knock-Knock)
Edsel/The Pooch (ETP): who's there?
VATD: We're looking for Edsel/The Pooch
ETP: who's there?
VATD: The Canadian Authorities
ETP: er, ......what do you want?
VATD: We're looking for Edsel/The Pooch. He is currently listed in the Canadian Government's database of importers of suspicious food products.
ETP: er, he doesn't live here.....
VATD: Well, this is the address in the paperwork. We need to interrogate him. Do you know where he might be?
ETP: (voice quivering, quietly sobbing....) no, no, i don't know anything, please go away.....
VATD: We're sorry to bother you ma'm, but it's a National Security issue.
ETP: (sobbing louder) i'm not a ma'm......
VATD: oh, well, sir, we're sorry, but this is very important...
ETP: (losing control, hysterically trying to catch breath and talk at the same time) i'm not a sir, i'm a CAT, justapoorsweetcatanditwasallMagoosideanotmineandican'tgotoprisoni'mtoocuteandi've
VATD: uh, we don't know anything about Stinky Goodness....or even what the heck that is. Who is this Magoo character?
ETP: er, who???? uh i don't know what you're talkin 'bout, you must have mistunderstood (under breath - MOM, quick, email Magoo and tell him to get outta Dodge while the gettin's good) er, i gotta go now........(Mom, quick, pack our bags, and tell Magoo I WANT THE TOP BUNK in kitty prison, this was all HIS idea..........)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


have you ever noticed how beans often make things much more complicated than they have to be?
as some of you may know, Magoo recently bet me that his hockey team, the Oilers, would beat my hockey team, the Red Wings. i foolishly took the bet and lost. to pay up, i sent a check to the animal rescue place where they got Dolce (it must be a good place 'cause she's such a cutie). i was also 'sposed to send them four cans of stinky goodness.
the generous guy that i am, i sent six cans - the new fishnet flavors that they requested - shrimp, alaskan king crab and maine lobster (yum.) because it was going to Canada, it cost five times the value of the stinky goodness to ship it. but that's okay. but today. TODAY. CANADIAN CUSTOMS CALLED MY MOM AT WORK!!! i swear on my Mom's life, they wanted to know what ingredients are in the stinky goodness to make sure they're not a biohazard! my Mom said to the lady "it's CAT FOOD. do you really think CAT FOOD would be a biohazard?????" the customs lady insisted that my Mom fax a list of the ingredients to her, so she'll do that tomorrow. then the customs lady asked for the phone number at Magoo's house so she could call them and make sure they were expecting the "shipment."
i'm sorry, but if this is all the Canadian customs lady has to spend her time on, then Canada has a serious lack of inter-country commerce goin' on. i mean really........
so anyway, Magoo, i need your phone number or you won't get your stinky goodness...........

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

fav'rite birds

i forgot my MOST favorite bird in the whole world! a TUXEDO bird!!!!!!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

the Dad is selfish!

well. who knew he was so selfish?

see this??? the Dad was hiding' it under his pillow.

it's a tiny electric blanket. he calls it a "heating pad" and says it's "for his back."

they have the heat off 'cause it's "Spring". it gets downright cold in here. not for him, tho.

and he won't share it.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

fav'rite birds

DK tagged me. 10 fav'rite birds.....hmmmmmm.....i don't know if i have 10....

Tufted Titmouse is my fav'rite. they're real friendly. i keep tryin' to put pictures up of my others, but Blogger won't let me. so, i'll tell you: Cardinal, Chickadee, Blue Jay, Gold Finch, Woodpeckers, Mourning Doves, all kinds of owls (even though i've only seen 'em on tv!)

and my mostest fav'rite -
broasted chicken!!

i tag Boni (my Tuxedo Gun Moll), Sir Ullrick and Patches

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

to Magoo

i stand here today, embarassed, that my team let me down. again. the Oilers beat them fair and square and were the better team. Magoo, my email address is please send me your address and the name of the animal group you'd like me to make my check out to. also tell me if there are any special flavors of Stinky Goodness that you like.

i do have one little problem. i had my Moms credit card out so i could buy an Oilers jersey and she got a little pissy. said something 'bout how dare i spend her hard earned money to buy a jersey that a) will be way too big for me and b) i'll never wear 'cept for some dumb photo. so. i don't have a picture of me in a jersey and i don't know how to get one.
until i can think of somethin' better, and i will, this is my temporary picture. your humiliated friend Edsel.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Game Six

One Nothing Detroit!!!

UPDATE: End of 2nd Period. Wings Two, Oily Oilers Nothin'!

Final Update: that goal was not good. we got robbed. but, i will do the responsible thing and do my duty to Magoo. i have to absorb this. will contact you tomorrow.