Tuesday, September 27, 2005

kittens are so cute!!

well. after i got over bein' mad at my Mom 'cause of the other day, we were talkin' about how many cute kittens are blogging these days. maggie and scout and buddah and mattingly for 'xample. my Mom was tellin' me how cute i was when i was brand new, but i didn't remember so she got out the picture book and sure 'nuff, i was a cutie. that's me over there, a very tiny boy (kind of like William, but 'parently he stayed tiny. or they think he did. or somethin'.) i bet lots of kitties out there have baby pictures you could share.......

Sunday, September 25, 2005


all i was tryin' to do was protect my loved ones from THAT CAT that comes in our yard, uninvited, tryin' to make trouble. of course i had to hop over the fence in order to chase him away AFTER he snarled and YOWLED at me. what else was i supposed to do?? and just 'cause my Mom had to go over on the other block into somebody else's yard to get me, she didn't have to DUMP me over the fence like that, it was very undignified. then she made me come inside. sheesh. no thanks, just scolding. i'm never speaking to her again! unappreciated protector of the homestead.......

Thursday, September 22, 2005

MY flower

yes, this is my own personal flower, mine and mine alone. on our screened in porch there is a wicker chair in the corner where i sleep on sunny afternoons. it's a very nice chair with a soft, soft pillow. well, outside is the plant that my Mom says is a Morning Glory, and it grows flowers that are such a pretty blue. i like to look at it when i'm on my chair. a couple of weeks ago i noticed the flower was growing in my direction, and before i knew it, it came inside, between the window frame and the wood and grew right over to where i sit. so now i don't even have to lift my head up and my flower is right in front of my face. what a nice flower!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

baby tuxedo bear revisited!

whoa, is he gettin' big or what?? they 'xamined him yesterday and today and he weighs 9.6 pounds and is 30 times bigger than when he was born. that tuxedo bear milk must be good stuff!! he's gonna be 100 days old soon and they'll have that namin' ceremony at the zoo there in washingon dc. boy, i hope one of us poodins win the contest and get to go!

P.S. i'm not writin' a book. my Mom said i don't have to and can continue to live my "life of leisure while she contines to work her fingers to the bone to support me....." was she bein' sarcastic do you think?? whatever, i patrol the yard and make everybody happy just by bein' me and that's enough work for this poodin!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

oh no, what did i do???

this is me, havin' a nice day, patrollin' the yard, makin' sure that everything was in order. that's my job, and it's the only job i should do. it's right up my alley, outside in the nice air and sun, with lots of places for snoozin'.

but today, i started to think ooh no, what have i done? what is one of the absolute best things ‘bout bein’ a poodin? bein’ taken care of, that’s what. how else would we be able to sleep 20 hours a day? how else would we be able to gaze contentedly out the window for hours? how else would we be able to lie in a patch of sun and stretch our toes without a care in the world? it’s only because they take care of us.

i’m sorry, fellow poodins, i did a bad thing. the other day, when i was bored and i drew a picture of myself so many of you sent me nice compliments. well, when my Mom read them, i could see the little wheels start turnin’ in her head. she looked at me and said “Edsel, all your friends really like your drawing. and you’ve been blogging, you know how to write and you
haven’t run out of things to talk about like you were afraid of.” and then she said “since you can draw too, i bet you could write a children’s book! how exciting.” and before I knew what was happenin’, she was setting up a “work space” for me so i can work while she’s at work!! now what do I do??? i don’t want to work, it’s not right for a little poodin to work, oh what have I done?????

Friday, September 16, 2005

"i'm too busy"

it's a rainy day and i'm bored.

i can't even use the computer for more than a minute 'cause my Mom is "too busy" writin' a contract, whatever that is. i am even reduced to posting a drawing, not a photo, 'cause she's too busy for that too. this is a drawing of me, bein' ignored.

Friday, September 09, 2005

what's in a name?

ever have one of those days, where you're just sittin' 'round, thinkin' 'bout stuff? and somethin' pops in your head that you're wonderin' 'bout? that's what happened to me today. i was wonderin' how all the fine felines i've been meetin' thru our blogs got our names. some are easy, like i think i how how ghost got her name. and oreo, i mean unless there's some real bizarre hidden story there, i think i have that one figured out. but what about mia? or Wm of Mass Destruction. or Timmothy Dickens. or Scooby? i'll tell my story if you'll all tell yours.....

when i got 'dopted, i was real young and tiny. the 'doption lady told my Mom that they found me and my sister and brother in a tire in a field and that my catMom was no where to be seen. she also said ii was a girl, which Mom was glad 'bout 'cause they didn't want a boy kitty ever again 'cause of some "spraying" stuff that gone on in the past. so the Mom took me home. they decided to name me Edina, after a woman on an English tv show called Absolutely Fabulous. her nickname was Eddie. a week later, when i had a vet dr. appointment, everyone realized i was not a girl (geez, it was pretty obvious, there). panic set in. what would my name be??? that night was Dream Cruise, a big old car thingy we have here every year. they were standin' on the side of the road, watchin' all these cool old cars and what drove by??? a real pretty pink Edsel. and that's how I got my name! and now, in my Mom's office, she has four little Edsel cars, a couple of Edsel signs, it's kinda cool. of course it's kind of weird to be named after the biggest auto failure known to man.....

Monday, September 05, 2005

labor day

i'm not sure what the point of labor day is. nobody around here better be in labor 'cause that means squealing sticky things. yuck. i think labor day is for us hard workin' poodins to just take a day off, which i'm doin', relaxin' in my poofy bed. it made my Mom happy 'cause she got me that poofy bed and i never used it, but today it feels real comfy.

i'm a little confused about what they're eatin' this weekend. yesterday they had spareribs. i checked, and i don't have any spare ribs, mine are all being used, holdin' in 'mportant stuff like my liver and my lungs, so i don't know quite where those spareribs came from. and yesterday the Dad was eatin' a leftover hamburger and when i sat in the chair at the table to check it out, it wasn't ham at all! it was some brown stuff that didnt' even smell good, so why they think it came from ham i'm not sure. the most alarmin' thing was today my Mom took hot dogs out of the freezer to barbq!!! i don' know, what the next thing might be, catsickles???? i'm layin' low for a while.......

Friday, September 02, 2005

why does the world have to be so sad?

i resorted to fresh catnip today. after watchin' that cnn show all week, my Mom and i were so depressed we couldn't stand it any more. so my Mom got one of my fresh nip plants out and let me at it. it was pretty fun and helped me forget about all the troubles for a little while.
there is so much bad, bad stuff goin' on but the thing that made us cry today was hearin' about a little boy who was bein' 'vacuated out of the sooperdome onto a bus to go all the way to texas. a little boy who didn't have a home anymore. but he had his little dog. an' they wouldn't let him take his little dog on the bus - no animals 'llowed. so he cried "snowball, snowball" until he threw up. we're gonna pray a lot tonight for all those poor, poor peoples.

A little thanks to Max - i bought his psychokitty book this week 'cause he's donatin' proceeds to the hurricane people. yea Max!