Sunday, April 30, 2006


i'm kinda glad it's Sunday. no games today, which is good. our teams are not playin' very well. and tomorrow night we have to watch BOTH of them play at the same time. it'll be exhaustin'. 'specially if the Wings, bite my tounge, lose. so today i'm restin.

now some of you might think i'm gettin' forgetful, 'cause i already wrote 'bout this. but it's new news.
i wrote 'bout Sheba fishnets before, but my Mom brought home TWO NEW flavors. yumymyumyumyum. here we see Alaskan King Crab, which is my fav'rite. but the two new ones are not too shabby at all let me tell you. one is Shrimp. yum. and the other, be still my heart, is Maine Lobster.

not now, i'm busy.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Game 5!

Go Wings!

Friday, April 28, 2006


earlier today, my Mom said to me "Edsel, if you keep
purring so loud, you're liable to break your purr-thingy."

is that POSSIBLE?????

p.s. don't upset Magoo, but the WINGS WON last night!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

i'm a hero!

this is a shelf in my Mom's office . i'm not 'sposed to be up here but they're lettin' me do stuff i'm not 'sposed to do 'cause the Dad says i'm a hero! ME! it all started this morning. there were two 'possums hangin' 'round the yard. i was keepin' an eye on them 'cause they're usually not around when it's light. well. sure 'nough, they were up to no good. they went over to our kitty condo and one of 'em went under the fence somehow and went right into our (dog)house and started eatin' the straw that's in there. the other one got on top of the kitty condo and was the lookout. my p***y sister Casey goes out there every mornin' and i think that 'possum woulda made mincemeat outa her. so i ran upstairs. my Mom was already gone to her work, but the Dad was still home. i sat outside the bathroom and meowed at him, tellin' him there was an intruder. (i usually don't talk much to him.) he looked at me and said "what do you want?" and i meowed again and started walkin', lookin' to see if he was followin'. he wasn't, so i had to MEOW LOUDER. he finally figured out that somethin' was up. i led him to my mornin' window where i sit and pointed to the bad possums who were waitin' to put the bite on my p***y sister. he finally figured out what was goin' on and went outside and got rid of the intruders. my p***y sister is safe. all is well. and i'm a HERO! (blush)

Monday, April 24, 2006

it's the berries

what do they have to do with straw? they're pretty red berries. i don't see anythin' havin' to do with straw in or around these berries.

at least these are what they're called: blueberries.

but blackberries are purple. raspberries have nothin' to do with rasps, which are hand tools to kinda sand stuff on. are elderberries old? and what 'bout huckleberries? what on earth is a huckle and who decided to name a berry after it. bean language is just plain weird. if we poodins were in charge things would make more sense. i guarantee it.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

fav'rite words

well, Timmy tagged me today 'bout my fav'rite made up words.

i only have one that's REALLY fav'rite and it's from William .

it's squillions!! i just love that word. i could say squillions

squillions of times and i wouldn't get tired of it.

squillions, squillions, squillions.

it's da bomb.

now i tag:

Boni (my Tuxedo Gun Moll) and
Dolce and
Bella (all pretty ladies!!)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

the "problem"

our neighbor behind us stopped by yesterday to tell us 'bout a new development. and see this woodpile? it's up, 18" off the ground. my Dad and the Mom had to do that with all our woodpiles, and we have a bunch of 'em, 'cause of the "problem." now, maybe the Poi's Mom call tell me the difference between inside ones and outside one, but apparently outside ones are not good. the ratties have come to our town. last year they were in neighboring towns and now they're here. they're sayin' we shouldn't feed the birdies (WHAT???) or put water out for the critters but i think that sounds just mean. what would all our squirrels and birds and chipmunks do???? they count on us. anyway, our neighbor called the city and they said to put out rat poison, so she did. so now there's all this poison disguised as food and my Mom is very worried and says maybe i can't go out anymore.....this is bad, very bad.....

Saturday, April 15, 2006

lovely day today!

it seems way too early for such nice weather. with the rain and now the sun and warmth everythin' is growin' like crazy. we spent a bunch of time in the yard today helpin' clean up. plus we helped with "the problem." more 'bout that maybe tomorrow.

me just enjoyin' the day.

my p**py sister enjoyin' her day.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

the state of gooses

question number 1: what is this picture?

question number 2: what is this picuture?

for those of you who answered to #1: a gander (male goose), very good!!
for those of you who answered to #2: i'ts Edsel, right again, very good!!

i don't think that was too difficult. was it?? but, for some reason, someone called me a gander today. a michigander, to be more specific. now. my Mom explained to me that when you live in this stupid mitten state, that's what you're called. but why????? it's just so embarassing! if you live in alabama are you a alabamagander? if you live in oklahoma are you an oklahomagander?? minnesotagander?? new mexicogander??? NO! why do i have to live in a stupid state where i have to get confused with a male GOOSE? i tell you, first chance i get i'm movin' to some simple state that just puts an "n" on the end... like alaska.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


William is back and he's okay.
he even has a new ZoomGroom.
life is good.

p.s. Boni i'm sorry i pulled your tail
at the party. the Calico Girls got
a picture of me doin' it and posted
it. (my Mom says that wasn't very
gentlemanly of me)

Saturday, April 08, 2006


Sunday, April 02, 2006


shake that groove thaang,
shake that groove thang, baby....
show 'em how to daaa-nce......
shake that groove thaang, shake that groove thang.....come on......