Saturday, December 29, 2007

i forgot to tell you somethin' really funny!

i can't believe i almost forgot to tell you 'bout this. on ChristmasDay, my Mom was sittin' on the floor and grabbed the kitty presents. i had several, my sister had two. along with the cool pine cones the Big Piney Woods gals sent my Mom, they sent us each a bag. mine had treats and a cool toy. look what they sent my poopy sister Casey.............i laughed so hard my head almost 'spolded! butt wipes! waterless butt wipes......hahahahahahahahahahaha. she was really offended. i tried to 'splain to her that they were more for my poor Mom and the poor Dad and that it was no reflection on how anybody felt 'bout her. my Mom told me it was my laughin' so much that hurt her feelins. but, cripes, anybody who has such a reputation that she gets butt wipes for Christmas......
pee ess. the Dad made a joke. he said "if they were for a donkey would they be a** wipes?" (my Mom made me put those punctuation marks there instead of letters. Mom's ruin everything. humph!)

Friday, December 28, 2007

Thank You

Christmas was good. we didn't go crazy with presents, it was more of a let's enjoy a good meal and each other kind of day. i do have to comment, tho, on a gift that i got from the House of the Mostly Black Cats. i would bet that Boni was behind it (smooch). when the package came addressed to me, my Mom thought it was a little fishy and asked me to check it out. I didn't know what to think of it, and since my Mom wouldn't open it until Christmas, i had no idea. Christmas Day as we were opening our presents, my Mom called me over to help with this one. it was truly weird. chunks of freeze dried cod. i circled around the container and retreated. it was truly one of the most different smells i had ever experienced. i still havent't eaten any. my Mom thought maybe it would need to be revived with water or something, but apparently you're just supposed to nosh on this dried cod. we're going to experiment with it over the next few days. i thank everyone over at the House of the Mostly Black Cats and I'm sure it will be an experience unlike any other. (the little fish toy is very sweet by the way)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Chryssymouse!

well, my Mom just told me she feels like a kitchen slave. i don't think that's good. but, she says it's her own fault, she wanted to cook everything herself and she's probably just got low blood sugar. i'm gonna get her a cookie, i bet that will help! but company is comin' soon. as much as i get to hear from under the bed, i will report later!
sorry this picuture is a little fuzzy. my Mom got it from the Big Piney Woods women - a nice basket with real Big Piney Woods Pinecones and pretty lights. my Mom put a red bow (looks a lot like my red bow tie from two years ago) and a coupla pretty things and it looks so pretty on the shelf in the corner. last night my Mom plugged our tiny tree in and the basket and sat in the dark and smiled.
well, more later, it's almost time for people to be here. i hope you are all havin' a good day!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

it's almost vacation time!!!

my Mom will be home for two whole weeks! i am so happy to know that. she says we'll sleep in most days and that she'll make sure, every day, that she makes a lap for me where she can read and rub my tummy at the same time. oh i can't wait!

Christmas is going to be different this year. almost no presents. my Mom says we don't need more "stuff" and i guess she's right. we just need each other. my aunt Barbara and uncle Glenn will come over for a big dinner and my mom's friend Gwen and her son Ron will come over too. so it will be nice - six people plus me and Casey. maybe they won't be too loud and rowdy and i might be able to actually be downstairs instead of upstairs under the bed.

my Mom and Gwen went shopping today. my Mom got a winter hat! she's never had one before, but a lot of her hair is still missing and she's really cold a lot so she decided it might be a good idea. it's black and fuzzy and i think it's really cool. or warm. i just hope it helps her stay warm, she shivers a lot.

we're supposed to get a big snowstorm, i hope not. snow is messy and makes it hard to walk around outside and i miss it when i can't go in the yard.

that's all for now. i'm gonna help my Mom fold some laundry. it's all warm and soft and maybe i can sit in it a little!