Saturday, July 28, 2007

hi from the Mitten state

i don't really have anything to say today, i just feel like i should post something 'cause it's been a week and i'm tired of lookin' at that mangy cat anyway. i did hear my Mom quietly talkin' on the phone to somebody 'bout goin' away next week for FOUR days. why does she do that to me??? i mean, the Dad is fine, but he's just not my Mom and i miss her when she's gone........oh, i hear her again........she's going to some place called Tobermory. what the heck is that?????? oh, and she's goin' with her girlfriends that she goes away with every summer, they're all real old and have known each other forever........somethin' 'bout hikin' and gardens. and relaxin'. sheesh. if she wants to relax she should just stay home with ME! i'm the king of relaxin' and i'd teach her real good. if only she'd ask.......

Saturday, July 21, 2007

she cheated on me

well, i've read 'bout this happenin', but i never thought it would happen to me. my Mom cheated on me. she went out to dinner with her girlfriends last night and came home smellin' like a floozy cat. what?? my Mom said it wasn't a floozy. it's a nice 8 month old kitten who showed up at her friends house and wouldn't leave so they 'dopted her. my Mom said she is the nicest kitty she ever met. (what does that make me?? chopped liver??) really, really friendly, was crawlin' all over her and purrin' and wantin' loves. i mean, she had white fur all over her when she got home and i could even smell that cat on her face. that means she was kissin' on it. i'm crushed. she even has a picture of the mangy little thing.....

Thursday, July 19, 2007

could i please trade my sister?????

i know. she looks so darn cute. but, even tho my Mom doesn't like me to discuss this, she stinks again. she's POOPY!!! i asked my Mom to please get her butt shaved, but she said "oh that would just look bad." POOP looks better????
please, William, could i trade for one of your sisters? either one would do. or how about Misty? could i trade for her? George? or hey, Oreo, you were interested in Casey a while ago! aw, look how pretty she is!! please? someone? i'm gaggin' ack, ack, ack.........

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

happy purrthday to the Dad

well, to cellybrate bein' done with radiashun, my Mom took the day off from work today, plus it was the Dad's purrthday so she thought he might want to do something fun, but no. he wanted to just do his regular day. so my Mom wrapped a pirate scarf around her head and went shoppin'. she already had presents for the Dad so she bought herself a new red purse. now not knowing my Mom, you may not understand how weird this is. i don't think she has ever, except maybe for the tuxedo purse i showed you a while back, had anything other than a plain black purse. so to get this RED one, i don't know. i think they really fried her brain. they're goin' out for dinner soon. i hope they bring me somethin' good. Casey and i got the Dad a Starbucks gift card and my Mom got him some nice mechanical pencils 'cause he likes to draw his art stuff with, so i think he was happy. i wonder what weird thing my Mom will do next????
pee ess. she locked me outside in the kitty condo last night. she swore it was a mistake............

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

it's too hot

my Mom is some kind of freak. really. we have air conditioning but she doesn't want to use it. says somethin' 'bout bein' in an office all day with the windows shut and the air conditionin' makin' it like a refrigermator and when she gets home she likes the windows open to hear the dumb birds and feel the breezes. well i'll tell ya what. i'm not in an office all day, i'm here at home and it's hot. seriously hot. this is so not fair. she says it'll start coolin' down tomorrow, but man, these last few days have been brutal. do any of you live with somebody so weird? i mean, i'm wearin' a fur coat!!!!!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

my yard

the Dad has put a lot of time into the yard. we have the weirdest yard around, but i like it a lot. i dont' get to go out in the front, and the bottom two pictures are of the front, but the top two are of the back yard, and i like it a lot. it's got lots of places to just relax and chill out. the Dad is a very good gardener.