Wednesday, November 30, 2005


if it's a Christmas cactus, why did it bloom at Thanksgiving???

Monday, November 28, 2005

another tudedo bear update

here he is again, Tai Shan, the baby panda bear! he's so cute we just want to give him ~ ~smooches~~ . he had his 12th examination on november 21st and he weighed 19.2 pounds! then, when they weighed him again today, he was up to 21 pounds. wow! he eats more than any of us poodins do! he has teeth now and is very squirmy and 'nquisitive. his fur looks nice and foofy too, plus his white parts are very white, just like any respectable tuxedo should be! we all know how hard it can be to keep those white parts white, 'specially if we go outside. we have so much dirt in our house now from those contractor guys that i have a real hard time keepin' my white paws clean. my Mom says soon they'll be gone and then she'll go on a cleanin' frenzie (what's a frenzie??) to get everythin' all spiffed up for the hollydays. i can't wait...... gotta go lick my paws now that i'm thinkin' 'bout it............. what??? my Mom's mumblin' somethin' 'bout a bath....... HEY..... this isn't my fault, you hired those guys to mess up the house, not me, just let me lick in peace.............................

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

oh what a treat!

well, my Mom came home from work yesterday, sick, and went to bed. she stayed home today and is just layin' around in her jammies, tryin' to sleep. it's snowin' too, the first snow of the year. my Mom and the Dad don't know if they'll go to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow
cause she doesn't want to infect anybody.

so, it's been nice to just lounge around with my Mom. but the TREAT came in the mail today!! from Sanjee and Boni and Mini!!! wonderful, scrumptious catnip in a beautiful blue satin bag. it came wrapped in purple bubble wrap (we've never seen that before) with all kinds of little sparkly doo-dads in the wrapping. and ohhh, the nip is so smelly and good! it's the best nip my cute litte nose has ever smelled. we are definitely going to go to their website and buy it for our poodie friends for the Holidays! check it out at their website! all i can say is "thank you ladies" it was a wonderful package to get in the mail on a cold, snowy day. (my Mom thanks you too 'cause it made her happy too!!)

Saturday, November 19, 2005

well i never!

do you see that picture over there??? DO YOU????? it's what my Mom brought me back from Hawaii where she went for EIGHT whole days. do you see what it is???? it's NOTHING!!!! that's right. she brought me back nothing!!!! she brought back Hula Girl cigars and choclate covered macadamia nuts and cookies for the Dad. she brought Hawaiian tea for her friend Gwen. and she brought ME, ME, nothing!!!!!! here i was, missin' her and obviously she didn't miss me at all!! plus! PLUS!!! i just found out today that they're goin' over to my uncle's house for Thanksgivin' so that means no turkey!!!! no good smells in the house!!!! what is goin' on????????

what???? oh, it's my Mom. she said that there wasn't anything in all of Hawaii that was equal to her love for me and her missin' me and that all she wanted to do was to come home and give me smooches! (we call it smooches for the pooches!) well, maybe she means it..........

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Mom's home!

well, however you look at it, eight days is a looooong time for my Mom to be gone. she came back today and she's really tired. flew all night long on a plane and didn't sleep. all i know is she's back and that's a very good thing. at least when she left she left my "hot head" light on next to the bed so i was all toasty and warm. hope all you guys are well - haven't had a chance to catch up 'cause my Mom wants to go to bed early and i have to go too ~~smile~~
i haven't seen any presents yet so i'm not sure if she even brought anything home for me, but i'm just so glad she's back, that's okay too. and, next week is Thanksgiving, so that means turkey plus a four day weekend! yea!!!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

another trip - will they ever end???

well, my Mom is going to Poi land tomorrow for eight whole days. i won't be able to get online 'cause the Dad is kinda lame, so i'll miss all you guys!! don't have too much fun without me......

Thursday, November 03, 2005

it was a dark, cold night.......part 3

edsellll................. edsellllll ..................... i heard my name bein' called, as if from far, far, away.......... edselllll.......... it got clearer ................. edsellllll ......................
i realized it was my Mom callin' me. i shook my head, then opened my eyes. "oh baby, are you okay????" my Mom asked. i blinked * once *, ** twice **, then focused on my Mom's sweet face. "i was so worried about you" she said, "can you tell me what happened??" i looked over and PinkDogg and Spot were anxiously peerin' over the edge of the table, somehow they had scrambled up onto one of the chairs. "we were so scared" said Spot. "first that CRASH, then that awful scream." "yeah" said PinkDogg "we thought you were toast." i looked around at the three of them, looks of concern on their faces and weighed my words carefully. "i don't know how to 'xplain what happened. i think if i tell you, you won't believe it, so i'm goin' to have to launch an 'nvestigation, on my own, to figure it out. it may take me some time, but i will keep you posted on my findings. i have suspicions, but no way to verify them right now."

"well, edsel, that worries me" my Mom said. "but we can't force you to tell us before you're ready. please just be safe, whatever you do. and know that if you need help, i will be there for you."

"yeah" chimed in PinkDogg and Spot. "we're here too and will help in any way we can!"

my Mom then said "unfortunately, that CRASH did cause a little problem, and i'm afraid you're going to have to clean up a big, big mess. i know you were trying to do the right thing, but leaping up onto the table caused an awful mess. look at it......"

a little worried now, i crept to the edge of the table and looked down. oh my gosh!!! i've never seen anything like it!!! what an awful, awful, awful mess. well, if i caused it, i guess i'll have to be the one to clean it up. wish me luck, poodins, it's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it!!!! when i'm done, i'll start my 'nvestigation!!!!!