Sunday, April 29, 2007

nice day again

well. because the mysterious collar stealer is at work again, my silver collar that i've been wearin' has disdapeered. i have my gorgeous blue collar with diamonds on it on. i got it from the Calico Girls and i love it lots. my Dad says it looks sissy, but i don't think so. the one my Mom bought me a couple weeks ago with white and pink sequins is sissy! my Mom tried and tried to get a good picture of me in my diamond collar, but my fur covers it so unless you get just the right angle, it's hard. you'll just have to believe me that it's gorgeous!
we want to say thanks to everybody for all your good wishes and thoughts and prayers for my Moms head. she probly won't start the raydiashun for a couple of weeks, but all the good vibes help us a lot. a real lot.
we got a stupid chickhen in the oven. why don't they fix fish more often. after all, it's supposed to be brain food and my Mom could probly use that.......

Friday, April 27, 2007

Bad Magnet

well, my Mom had the big magnet test on her head this week and it found "activity." nobody seems to know what that means. but, just in case it somethin' bad, they want to start doin' radiation on her head - five days a week for six weeks. we're not happy, but at least if it is somethin' bad and they found it early, that's a good thing. so, my Mom is tryin' to work with the horsepital people to get stuff set up. boy. we just wanted to enjoy this Spring since last year was so messed up. oh well, we'll just do the best we can.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

bye Mom!!

well, the Red Wings did good today after two embarassing losses in Canada. hope they can keep up the good work.

my Mom is goin' on a work trip to Boston, where ever that is. she leaves tomorrow afternoon and will be back Tuesday, so that's not too bad. i know the Dad will try his best to take care of us, but it's just not the same when my Mom isn't here.

it's very pretty here in the Mitten state. sometimes we luck out and have lovely springs, and this is one of those years, it seems, that is just wonderful. everything is greening up and growing and flowers are blooming the the little fruit trees have blooms all over them. it smells good and is pretty. we have so much crappy weather here, that when spring is nice, it is very, very special.

that's all for now, i'm goin' to sleep with my Mom, she's tired. she has to have one of those big magnet tests on her head this week that she doesn't like. i think it makes her tired just knowin' that she has to do it. kind of stressful, i guess, so i'll cuddle her the best i can!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Woo Hoo!!

i don't know if anybody out there is followin', but our beloved Red Wings have beaten the Calgary Flames again, now leading in this first playoff series, two to one. the poor Flames didn't have a chance today, only 15 shots on goal compared to the Wings 50 shots on goal. hey Magoo - are you and your Dad a Canadian team fan, or just the Oilers?? we could certainly wager a little somethin', (as long as Canadian customs doesn't get wind of it!)

Saturday, April 07, 2007


i heard that Easter is 'sposed to be warm. that beans dress up in bonnets and play outside. well, the only bonnet anybody is gonna be wearin' around here is a snow bonnet. it's COLD!! plus, (i wonder if the Meezers know this??) i heard that Moms are 'sposed to fix ham on Easter. and cheesy potatoes. springy stuff. do you know what MY Mom is gonna make? do you??? it's so weird it's almost embarassin'. she's makin' beef stew. on easter. plus, a lady behind her at the meat counter in the store today heard her order beef stew meat and said "oh, i haven't made stew in ages. i'll take two pounds of that too" and told my Mom she's makin' in tomorow for her family and they'll be upset! so my Mom infected another house with stew, too. sigh. Moms. very strange they are. so, anyway, when a lot of you are enjoyin' your special dinners tomorrow, think of me and Casey. with beef stew on our plates.......... yuk.