Saturday, September 13, 2008

my bad

sometimes it's my Mom's fault when we don't post. this time it was mine. everytime she sat at the computer and said "okay, let's blog" i was too tired. she said i was lazy. whatever. it's very dreary and rainy here. the Dad says the rain is coming too late, that all the stuff that grows that was hurt by no rain is too far gone. but our 'mportant stuff is alive 'cause he watered it with the sprinkler. he said he couldn't do everything 'cause we'd go broke and they wouldn't be able to buy us any food!! oh, that would have been awful!!

my Mom has to write a speech this week 'cause she's goin' to a place called Chikago soon and has to give the speech. i think that means she has to say it for a bunch of people! that sounds scary to me. i'll stay home and protect the house and all our stuff.

my Mom's friend sent her a bunch of pictures, most of them out of the book "Why Paint Cats". we've posted some pics from there before. but this one is one we haven't seen and my Mom loves it of course 'cause it black and white. my Mom keeps threatenin' to do somethin' like this to me. i don't know if i'd like that.
well, hope everybody is doin' good. i don't keep up very well, but will try to do better. have a great last part of September!