Sunday, March 30, 2008

the end of March

my Mom has been tellin' me that the end of March is a good thing, that it will start gettin' warmer and stuff. that is good. it's already much better now that the light lasts later, 'cause when she gets home from where she works, she can let me out in the yard, and me and Casey like that. plus, the chipmunks are back, i guess they're done sleepin' for the winter.

my Mom is goin' away this week to Sanantonyo Texas. only for one night, so that won't be too bad. she said she's lookin' forward to stayin' in a nice hotel for a night and just being quiet. she also said she'll miss me, but like i said, it's only for one night and then she'll be back and we can cuddle. she was very happy with me this morning. the Dad had the alarm goin' off early 'cause he had a dentist appt. Friday. so this morning it buzzed and buzzed and buzzed and he just kept sleepin'. i layed down on my Mom's ear. she said i was a good ear muff and i blocked that awful noise.

our snow is almost all gone. it's supposed to be in the 50's this week! yea! my Mom was very annoyed yesterday. a guy came out to install a Dish, but he said he was just checking to see if trees would be in the way of the signal, which they are. but the guy my Mom talked to said he had already driven by and checked and we would be fine. so she waited around all day for this guy to come (three hours late!!) and he didn't have anything to install. so she thinks the guy she talked to on the phone is an a** and is going to call him tomorrow to tell him!!!!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

the indignity

not only did she not tell me ahead of time, she didn't even warn me when she took me out there!!

a mobile grooming company. it's called aussie and it started in Australia my Mom said and now they are in 17 countries.

i groom myself quite nicely, thank you very much. except for my back right in front of my tail. i can't reach there and i get these weird flat matts and i won't let my Mom or the Dad get them out. but she said it was mostly for Casey, who was a mess. her fur is so long and she won't sit still to get combed and she really was in awful shape. this is how she looks now:
now, you're probly wondering what is wrong with her head. the groomer lady but these weird little bows on her head! two of them. she got one off really fast, but the other one was rubber banded on really good and my Mom took it off. hahahahaha

now, i had some real issues with the service I got. LOOK WHAT SHE DID TO ME:

she was shavin' a matt off and CUT ME. for God's sake, i was bleedin' and everythin'! she told my Mom I was fine that it's just a surface nick and it'll heal real fast. well. in the meantime i have no fur there and it looks terrible. just terrible. an open wound on my back! i'm so embarrased.
so that's how my day has been......

Sunday, March 02, 2008


My Mom said March is a good month. closer to Spring and less yucky. It's still pretty yucky out there, but I'll take her word for it. My Mom was gone Thursday night. i knew somethin' was up 'cause her suitcase was out. she went to stay at the William Tell Holiday Inn in someplace called Countryside Illinois. she said it was okay, but she missed me a whole bunch. it was only for one night so i didn't mind a real lot.

I've been eatin' all her shamrock plants. she said it's good it's gettin' to be shamrock season or she'd be mad. i'm glad glad, i wouldn't want her to be mad at me. i have to eat them. if i don't, they get all wild and out of control. i like the purple ones the best. i knocked one down last weekend off her scanner on a shelf and the dirt went everywhere, in her monitor and keyboard and she was not happy. sorry Mom.

I'm just gonna try to stay outa trouble and stay warm under my hothead lamp.

Stay warm everybody!