Saturday, September 29, 2007


we just realized that Monday is the cutoff date to get stuff in Max's new We Are the Kitties book. i so very much want to be in it, but i don't have anything done!! i'm working very hard on a poem. i emailed it to my aunt Laurie in Florida 'cause she's a real good writer and she said she'd help. i told her we could be co-authors, so i hope she pulls thru......

also, i hope this doesn't 'cause trouble, 'cause the last time i told you 'bout a grate new food, i wound up in trouble with the Canadian Customs (see May 10th 2006 and later posts), but Merrick has some new stuff out that is killer.
it's hard to see the labels (darn that photographer of mine) but the flavors are things like "Grammy's Pot Pie" and "New England Boil" and they're all fishy and sooooo good. maybe i'll go have a snack to fortify myself to work on my poem.......

Saturday, September 22, 2007

where did the day go?

my Mom just asked me that. "where did the day go, Sweetie?" huh? how am i supposed to know? i was cretainly busy all day and if you don't know what you did all day maybe you should pay better atenshun.

i did make my Mom take a picture of this flutterby on the mint plant. i didn't come out very good 'cause it kept swishin' it's wings so fast. i wanted you to be able to see how one side is white and the other purple, but it's hard. oh well, maybe my next photographer will be better. my Mom and her friend are going to a benafit concert monday night. i'm not real sure what that is. somethin' 'bout a guy in a group that she goes to at a place called Gilda's Club. three years ago they told him he was going to die in six months, and he said "nope, no way, i'm gonna see my kids graduate from the high school. one did last year and the other one this year. he's not doin' so good now. so this other guy, who has the same thing and they told him he was going to die in three months and that was TEN years ago. he's a singer and songwriter and he's donatin' this concert to raise money for medical bills. that sounds like a pretty neat thing for this guy to do. anyway, my Mom is lookin' forward to it 'cause this guy is 'sposed to be real inspirin' or somethin.

Friday, September 14, 2007

it's been a busy day

my Mom came home real early 'cause she had to go to the eye doctor and they put some kinda drops in her eyes and she looked like an OWL when she got home. she said she couldn't see very good so she just sorta hung around, let me outside and stuff. then, i came in to see how she was doin' and she FREAKED OUT. it seems i had some very large burrs in my tail, see over there.
(that one burr i pulled out myself with a buncha tail fur too!! ) anyway, she didn't want me chewin' them out 'cause they were huge and really sharp, but i hissed at her and swatted at her with my claws when she tried to get them outta my tail. (i'm sorry, Mom, i just don't like it when you yank on stuff in my fur) i think i mighta hurted my tongue a little 'cause it's a little hard to eat. my Mom looked at and says she'll keep an eye on it and if it doesn't get better real quick, i have to go to see dr. Cindy. sigh. NOTE: my tongue is fine. it's saturday and i don't have to go to the Dr. whew.

look at what the Dad did to our woodpiles
he used big slabs of wood, i think walnut wood, to make them very pretty. he's always doin' stuff like that.
oh, and my Mom said bad words today. she was installin' somethin' called an external hard drive on the computer 'cause the old one died. she still doesn't know if the geek guys at Best Buy can "recover the data", whatever that means and she's real worried she lost all her pictures of ME! (i agree, that would be awful!!). anyway, she had to call tech support twice and be on hold for a way long time. both times she got very nice people from India who helped her. the first time was a man. the second time was a woman who didn't speak English very well and my Mom said if she had more hair she woulda been pullin' in out. but, she did get the hard drive installed and it works, so we're happy. it was kinda funny. the directions said "using the 22 inch USB cord included in the package......)" the one in the package was 'bout 3 inches long and has different ends than what we have......that was one tech support call. they're gonna send the 22 inch one.
anyway, i'm glad it's friday. my Mom said she's tired and we're going to bed early tonight. YEA, more time to cuddle on her neck for me. life is good.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

my Mom snapped at me!!

my Mom got cross with me and i didn't do anything!! it was the collar eatin' black hole in the back yard! my Mom came home from the grocery store and i didn't have my collar on. she asked the Dad if he took it off and he said no. knowin' that they're both gettin' some memory problems from bein' old, she looked around and didn't see it, so SHE BLAMED ME!! it was my nice sparkly collar with my professionally made black tag and she was unhappy. so she put on my collar with the diamonds that came from the Big Piney woods and took me out to look for it. and guess what???!!! the black hole didn't get it! it was on the ramp from the kitty door. when i went out the door, it musta gotten caught and the safety latchy thingy came apart. whew. my Mom hugged my and 'pologized for blamin' me! i'm glad i have my collar back, i hate losin' stuff.