Thursday, August 30, 2007

Friday Flower

we thought we would try a Friday Flower(s) cause we have some that are pretty.

this is somethin' called a hibiscus. it's HUGE, like the size of a dinner plate! my Mom got it for the Dad for his birthday from me and Casey.

these are some plants called coleus. the Dad planted them along the front walk and they grew real big and are colorful and have flowers on them along with all their pretty leaves.

and we don't know what this is. my Mom calls it the pink broccoli plant (i think broccoli is a vegetable, yuk), but it's not really.

anyway, the Dad is a very good gardener.

pee ess - my Mom brought me home a BIG bag of cod from Costco tonight. Costco cod is my FAVORITE. i don't know why, but it just tastes the best and as she was nukin' me a piece i was dancin' around meowin' and meowin' and it was sooooooo good. hope everybody has a good Friday!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

here's me doing what my Mom says i do best! helpin' her at the computer!!!.....what? that's not what you meant????

SLEEPING????? that's what my Mom thinks I do BEST????? gosh, she must not think very much of all my many skills. i mean i'm way good at all kindsa things. like:

layin' in sunbeams

watchin' for introoders (like Skeeezix does)

keepin' an eye on the rodents in the yard

makin' sure she remembers how to cook by makin' her cook me cod

shedding. so she'll remember to vacuum

making her rub my tummy so her fingers don't get creaky

i mean, these are all very important things! Moms will get all lazy if you let 'em.

Monday, August 20, 2007

oh oh

we thought the hair fallin' was done. but last week my Mom's eyebrows took a powder. she's not very happy. they're just eyebrows, but she's gettin' tired of losin' stuff. (but you know what, she still looks pretty, even without those eyethings.)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

who woulda thunk it

i found out something very disturbing yesterday. anybody remember the tv show Mr. Ed? it was about a talkin' horse. except what i read yesterday said that Mr. Ed wasn't a horse. he was a zebra that gotted dyed. zebras are smaller than horses so they built the set usin' some Disneyland method of makin' things small to make the characters look real sized.
a horse is a horse of course, of course
and no one can talk to a horse, of course
unless, of course, the horse is the
famous Mr. Ed...........

a ZEBRA???

Thursday, August 09, 2007

it's my Gotcha Day!!

i'm very proud to say that it was ten years ago today that i found my Mom and she found me. until then, life was hard. i was stayin' with a lady who had lotsa other poodins and she was helpin' all of us find our forever homes. so that day she put me and my sister and brother in her truck and we drove to a Pet Supply Plus place and got put in cages out front. there was lotsa traffic and noise and i was very, very scared. before i knew it, tho, a nice lady was scratchin' under my chin and talkin' to the other lady. i knew somethin' was up. all of a sudden, i was being lifted out of the cage and put in a scary lookin' suitcase thing - i found out later that is was a cat carrier. the new lady drove me somewhere and took me inside. she put me in a room by myself 'cause there was an awful cat who tried to kill me!!! (i found out later that it was poopy Casey). but the lady visited me all the time and brought me food and toys and even let me sleep with her at night. right on her head! i learned to love her so much, right away. and my Mom and i have been together ever since. thanks Mom! you coulda picked another poodin, but you didn't, you picked ME! that picture on the top is me when i was little with my nice sister, Kirby, who's at the Rainbow Bridge now. the one on the bottom is just little me!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

mangy little thing.....

well. my Mom came home, without any present for me and with this stupid picuture of her with that mangy cat she likes so much. i mean, what's up with that? she picked her friend up to go on their trip and took the time to sit on the floor with it. me the creeps to even look at that.
so anyway, she's home. i'm sure she didn't even miss me...........don't tell her, i really missed her a lot and i'm soooo happy she's home, even if she does smell like that mangy cat!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Boni!!

i just learned over at the Meezers that it's Boni's birthday. Boni, my wonderful Tuxedo Gun Moll. here is her lovely face...........
Pee Ess - Friday morning my Mom is leavin' me for a VACATION. sigh. anybody who wants to visit, just come on over!!