Saturday, February 17, 2007

bad blogger

i just want to say that i have been visitin', but blogger won't let me post on hardly anybody's blog. what's up with that?? i wanted to tell Precious that it look like fun doin' the hokey pokey and Buddah that we have a grass fairy too. William's blog finally let me post, but it took 'bout a year. i'm watchin' out the window now. my Mom took seeds and peanuts out. the peanuts are in shells and the squirrels are buryin' 'em in the snow!!!they're supposed to eat them!! dumb, dumb, dumb rodents. my Mom went shoppin' for a little today 'cause she has to go out of town for work and all her black pants are too big 'cause she shrunk a little when she got sick. she got a nice pair o' pants and a long black skirt that's kinda cool, it swirls a little. she'll wear white shirts with 'em and look like me, kinda!
well, off to take a nap. clean sheets on the bed just don't look right without any fur on 'em!


Blogger Derby said...

Edsel, I agree that the squirrels are stupid.

I haven't had any issues leaving comments. So don't know what the issue could be. Is your innernets connection working properly? Sometimes we have problems if we have bad connection.

Thanks for your input on my dilema. So many girl kitties and just one of me.

8:57 PM  
Blogger Big Piney Woods Cats said...

We have trouble posting too, and sometimes, just give up. The wait takes forever and Momma gets impatient. She says the internet is so slow (for us anyway)

Hope your Momma has fun in Fe-Nix..
The weather is 70/50 and sunny.


6:37 PM  

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