Saturday, April 10, 2010

we are so lazy

we here in the Mitten state have been very lazy 'bout bloggin'. my Mom gets home from her work feelin' tired and sad (that's a whole story we won't go into much.) and doesn't want to sit more at the computer after bein' at one all day. on the weekends she's busy doin' home stuff, bills, and computer stuff and cleanin' and goin' to the store for food and doin' laundry and takin' care of plants and tryin' to find time to read a book or work on her yarn stuff. but, today I talked her into openin' up the blog for me so I can type. aren't i doin' good??

not much goin' on. my Mom and the Dad say they are broke. i think they are talkin' 'bout green papers, not their bones or anything. i don't mind bein' broke, but it makes my Mom sad, so I try and cheer her up. she says i do a good job. at night I curl up under her chin, around her neck and sleep and she says that helps her sleep, so that's a good thing. she said it makes her happy, too, to wake up and know that i'm right there.

my Mom is done with chemo except for a drug that stops blood flow to fast growin' cells, she still gets that every other week. but it was the other stuff that makes people feel sick and she doesn't have to have that one anymore. so instead of goin' to the chemo place at the hospital and bein' hooked up for almost four hours, she only has to sit there for a half hour. that's good. her doctor said she did real good and they have to watch her now. i can help with that!!

everything is so pretty outside. it's early Spring and the green of the leaves and grass and stuff is different than later in the year. it's fresh and new lookin'. the flowers are comin' up, some daffodills are bloomin' and the forsythia bushes are bloomin'. my Mom said the peonies just popped their heads outa the dirt. my favorites, the hostas, are growin' too. the Dad is gonna be mean right from the beginning and wall them in with chunks of wood so I can't chew on the stems. i told him that would look real bad and to stop bein' so fussy. i don't chew on all of them, just the ones that grow REAL BIG. he said i ruin them. i just try and keep 'em trimmed so they don't grow too big. he's a fuss budget. (i don't know what that means, but i like callin' him that.)

my Mom was goin' through her warm weather clothes to pull out the ones she's goin' to wear this year. she says she's not plannin' on buyin' any, that she's already got more than she needs. unfortunately, she can't zip most of the pants up! ooh, she's gonna be mad i told you that! but she's been stressed out and when she's stressed she eats chocolate. it made her gain some weight. but, she's already started back on her low carbohidrate eatin' plan so she's already losin' some. i still think she looks good, but she says she looks fat.......

we've had a lot of bisitors over lately. the Dad has a guy who takes pictures who's gonna trade him pictures for some jewelry for his wife. there is a woman who is going to build him a new website (with those new pictures!) and trade too. there's a couple other new people who have been here and i haven't been so jumpy like i used to be. it used to be that i would right away run upstairs and hide under the bed, but now i kinda hang around in the other room, just so i can hear what's goin' on. i guess i got brave instead of bein' kinda wimpy. my Mom says she's proud of me. all the birds my Mom likes to feed are back. the chickadees are the most important ones and they're back. they sing every morning and we listen to them every morning after the alarm goes off before we get up. my Mom put a whole bunch of my fur in the bushes, like she always does in the spring, so they can use it to pad their nests. at least one time, they built their whole nest out of fur. no grass or sticks or nothin'. just fur. it was tiny and really, really cool. the goldfinches are back too. they are so pretty, all bright yellow and black. they look like party decorations, not birds.

well, i'm goin' to help my Mom heat up leftovers for dinner. they go to JJ Fatts on friday for dinner. for 4.99 my Mom gets a 1/2 pound burger with cheese and a HUGE order of fries and a big glass of pop. the Dad gets the hot dog special. they only eat half and bring the rest home and have it for saturday dinner. my Mom says it very ekanomikal.

and we have excitement to look forward to - more Red Wings games!! yea Wings!!!