Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Fall!!!

it's officially Fall. it wasn't much of a summer anyway, but now the calendar says it's 'ficially fall. it's been pretty cool at night (good cuddle with my Mom weather!) my Mom is feelin' pretty good. she gets poizen every other week, but she hasn't had any throwin' up or stuff. just feelin' real tired. so we're real happy. her doctor says it's 'cause she's so healthy and strong.
my Mom has been cookin' really creepy food. last sunday she made turkey meatball soup. why i ask you, would ANYONE make, let alone EAT, turkey meatball soup????? the Dad likes it, but he's a really easy guy to feed.
i almost caught a chip last night. i was THIS close it nabbin' it. but then i wouldn't have known what to do with it. they're too cute to hurt (my stupid sister Casey is laughin at me, she catches 'em so she can eat them RAW. makes me sick to think 'bout that.)
my Mom mentioned that Christmas is comin' pretty soon. that makes my head hurt, but she's right, it'll be here before we know it.
the Dad is showin' his new work, jewelry and Judaica, at an art show on October 6th. he and my Mom have been really busy makin' stuff to sell at the show and at some galleries close by. his new stuff is really nice. i'll try to post a couple of pictures.
i hope everybody is doin' good. i haven't been able to read many blogs 'cause my Mom says "no time, no time....." but i'm gonna try to MAKE her let me. i miss you guys......