Sunday, August 16, 2009

boy time flies

it's hot here, over 90 degrees. i know to some of you, 90 is nothing, but here in the Mitten state that's pretty hot. yesterday was Dream Cruise day, when all the people who have old, rickety cars take them out on this street called Woodward ......what?.....oh, my Mom says the cars arent' rickety, they're just old and that the people who own them take really good care of them 'cause most of 'em are worth lotsa money and they're cool......whatever..... anyway, they take all these cars to this street that's pretty close to our house and drive back and forth and all kindsa people stand and sit on the side of the road and scream at them, I don't know why. but it's really LOUD 'cause a lota the cars have really big engines and souped up parts, I don't know the teknikal names for them, but I'm really glad it's over, it was TOO LOUD.
my Mom has been gettin' poizen in her veins every other Thursday and so far she hasn't had hardly any side effects so we're real happy 'bout that. her hair is fallin' out just a tiny bit, so that's good too. we don't know when she has a test to see how it's workin', she says she hopes to find out this week.

we have about a zillion chipmunks in our yard, so if anybody wants a couple, send me a little box with your address on it and....what?.......why not? don't know that for sure........well, crap..... my Mom said to unregard what I just said. that we can't ship chips in boxes that there's rule 'bout shippin' live things. i think she's makin' it up, but she says it's all the way true and she'll take me to a website and show me if I want. I might make her do that 'cause I think she just doesn't wanna share.

we're havin' another crummy meal tonight. some kinda pork burger with garlic and fresh ginger and teriakey sauce. it smells just awful. she's puttin' 'em on the barbeque and that's good, keep as much of that smell out of the house as possible. and of course she can't be bothered to throw some fish on the grill. i'm tellin' you, I may need to move somewhere else. they don't take very good care of me here. oops. my Mom gave me a mean look. i take it back. they take REALLY GOOD care of me here. you all know that. and i appreciate it tons.

Calico Mom Toni loves her job at the shelter. my Mom is very jealous of that job, bein' able to help so many kitties. in fact she said she's gonna look around here to see if anybody would like her help to do somethin' like that. of course she'd need to get paid, so that might be a problem. but at least she can ask.

the birdies and squirrels are spending lots of time in our birdbaths, drinkin' water. it's very dry and they are so happy to be able to pull up to our little "ponds." I like watchin' them.

I guess thats' all the news for now. this here is a picture of me with some of the fresh catnip that's growin' in our yard. my Mom and the Dad were worried that it would attract other kitties but so far it hasn't. it's reallll good!