Saturday, May 23, 2009

we've been soooo bizzy

Hi! i'm sorry i don't post more often, but we have all been very, very bizzy. The Dad was in a show where he could sell the stuff he makes, so he was very busy makin' new jewelry and things that hold prayers in people's doorways. it was all really pretty and my Mom helped ahead of time and at the show. Lotsa people liked his stuff and took it home. This week my Mom was out of town for two days. i didn't like that. she had to make four speeches in one day. that was a lot. and she's got somethin', maybe, happenin' in her head. maybe. she had one test that showed she did - really, really tiny little spots. but there was a board of people at the hospital who insisted she have another test to see for sure what those spots are before they started doing more stuff to her head. so that's good. we'll know tuesday.

meanwhile, the Dad has been workin' in the yard, it looks real pretty. i took some pictures to show you. he's kinda mad at me 'cause they have a REALLY BIG hosta plant and it's the only one in the yard that i chew on. i chew right thru the stems and all the leaves fall off. i don't know why i chew on that one. it's just my favorite. Here's a picture of us, me and the hosta and one of the hosta by itself. i'm sorry if i hurt it.

a thing that my Mom is really, really happy 'bout is that the Chickadees came back to the little birdhouse in the front yard. every day she's been seein' 'em fly in and out of the house. one, we think the Dad, brings seeds to one inside, we think the Mom. my Mom puts safflower seed out special for the chickadees and the cardinals. the squirrels, who will eat anything that isn't glued down, don't like safflower, so she makes sure her favorite birds always have somehin' to eat.

here's one more picuture of the back yard. it shows some pretty purple flowers we have. i think my Mom calls 'em allyums or somethin', but they're real nice.

i have been forcin' my Mom to let me visit blogs, i'm tryin' to keep up. it's stupid being "too bizzy." if anybody has anything really acitin', if you post a little comment on my blog, i'll make sure to come over and check it out.

Hugs to everybody from me, edsel the pooch!