Saturday, April 18, 2009

spring has sprung!!!

it has been a beautiful day today. warm and sunny. the yard is full of green things growin', it's so cool. my Mom and me walked around the yard today checkin' stuff out. she and the Dad are busy gettin' ready for a show where they think they'll sell lotsa the Dad's cool stuff, so nobody has time to work outside. but the show is on May 6th, so that will leave lotsa time after to get things spiffy.

and looky, looky, looky! i think i told everybody when the Dad's friend Keith brought over catnip plants that he dug up from his father's yard. they survived the winter!!! i'm so happy. when my Mom and i were walking round toay, we found that both clumps are growin'!!! oh yea! fresh catnip whenever i want. last year we didn't get a bunch of catnip thieves comin' in the yard tryin' to eat it all. i hope we don't this year either. it's so nice and tender and fresh right now. baby leaves and all. the Dad calls it "home grown." i don't know why he calls it that like it's somethin' special....... what? oh, he said the dry stuff you get in the store is dry and kinda icky and our home grown is so fresh and almost minty smellin'. that makes sense. home grown is much better. and it should smell minty, it's real name is Catmint.
well, my Mom is makin' leftovers from goin' out for dinner yesterday for dinner today. tomorrow she's gonna cook. she's been cookin' more than she has in a while, but it's mostly stuff i don't 'specially like. like chicken. she's makin' that tomorrow. i think she should make fish, but she says she wants leftovers and fish isn't always good left over. the Dad really likes left overs, and that way she can cook one meal and it's good for two or three days. that's good plannin' i guess.
i'm gonna go watch the hockey game. we're gonna beat those jacket men again, i just know it. YEA Wings, the Wings are KINGS!!!