Sunday, November 30, 2008

it's almost Monday

my Mom says "where does the time go so quickly??" I say "well, stay home from work" then she gives me all kinda reasons why she can't do that, most of which involve makin' green papers. sigh.
This is stuff that got snowed on last week. It melted, but it's snowin' right now. i don't like it. my Mom opened the porch door so I could go outside, but it made my feet all wet and cold so I came back in.
my Mom says that Santa Cat will be comin' in a few weeks, so that's kinda 'citin'. i asked if we could put the tree up, but she said not yet. i said I thought it was time but she said the Dad doesn't like to put it up this early. oh well, I tried. I checked with my Mom to see if she has anythin' much planned over the hollydays and she said no, that she was plannin' on spendin' as much time as she can with me!!!! WoW, I can't wait!
Tomorrow is december 1st. Hope everybody has a great month! Be good so Santa Cat will come to your house!!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

my Mom is being weird

does anybody know who or what a Muddy Waters is?? my Mom was lookin' for music to play while she spent allllll yesterday and already a bunch of today cleanin' the kitchen for gosh sake. they have this really big cd player and they're always findin' stuff in it and say "oh, i forgot we had this". anyway, yesterday she found somethin' called Muddy Waters (which seems kinda stupid to listen to when you're cleanin'. why would you want somethin' muddy?? so she's been walkin' real fast around the house in a circle, with the music blastin', punching her left hand in the air towards the ceilin' and kickin' her right foot in front, then her right hand toward the ceilin' and her left foot kicks out front. she calls it exercise and says it's perfect music for that and that she's gonna do it every day at night when she gets home. well. it's kinda loud and nerve racking, but if she wants to do that, what can i do? she's goin' out of town again this week to give another speech, someplace called george-a. but she'll only be gone one night. and, she's been combin' my back really good every day so i don't get those funny mats anymore (but I am still a stud!) hope everybody is doin' good.