Saturday, October 25, 2008

it's been a weird week

Hi, i finally talked my Mom into lettin' me post. "busy, busy, busy" is all i hear these days. my Mom did have to go on a short, creepy trip yesterday. she had to get up at FOUR AM to leave the house by 5:15 to drive to someplace called "ohio"......isn't that where Max usta live???? I think he called it "evil ohio." anyway, there were road closings and detours and drivin' rain and lotsa trucks. she didn't get home 'till 4:30 pm after lotsa drivin' and she was whipped.

that is me up there. a guy the Dad and my Mom know named Keith brought two HUGE clumps of catnip from his dad's yard for us to plant. I claimed this one. even tho' it doesn't look like much now, next spring and summer it will be lucious!

I had to go to see Dr. Cindy on Monday. when my Mom went there to buy my special food so I don't get rocks in my belly again, the front desk lady meanly told her that they had a rule that my pee has to be checked every 6 months to make sure i still need the special food. she almost wouldn't sell ANY food to her, not even a tiny bag! so my Mom made an appointment for me and we went in. they took me in the back where all the 'mportant work is done and asked my Mom to come too. she'd never been back there before during the day. Dr. Cindy was actually operatin' on a cat! right there in front of us!!!! then they put an ultrasound thingy on my belly so they could see my tiny bladder and then stuck a HUGE needle in to take pee out to test it. my Mom helped them hold me down, but I tried to be very good 'cause i knew they were tryin' to help me, not hurt me. my pee was fine, so my Mom got to buy more food. then Dr. Cindy came in and sat on the floor and coaxed me out of the corner and brushed and combed and brushed me and took a HUMONGOUS pile of fur offa me. my Mom was so impressed. i'm soft as a baby bunny now. oh, and my Mom was tellin' Dr. Cindy that i get these weird flat mats on my back, right in front of my tail. Dr. Cindy said that some boy kitties, even tho' they get their hoo ha's removed, have a lot of manliness left, and we manufacture extra oil from our oil glands and get somethin' that they call "stud tail". so that's what i have - stud tail, and that's why i get those funky mats. then i got my rabid shot and we went home. it was a harrowing trip, but my Mom said i was very, very good.

the weather hasn't been very good. it's all gloomy and dark today, with a little rain. only 46 degrees. but, that's better than the Piney Woods kitties have. i looked at the weather in the newspaper this morning and they have temperatures in the 30's at night. brrrrrrrrrrrrr.

well, hope everybody is good. i gotta run, my Mom said if I wanta go outside anymore today i better go now 'cause she's closin' the back door soon, that she has stuff to do and can't watch me all day. i didn't ask her to watch me.............

Sunday, October 05, 2008

i'm so bad, i'm so bad, i'm bad, i'm bad, i'm bad.....

some of you may recognize that as a song. my Mom sings it to me. the reason i'm bad is 'cause i've been too lazy to blog. my Mom says she's been too busy and i've been too lazy to make her. anyway, we apologize.
my Mom had an unexpected test on her head in September and everything was fine. she also went away and did a speech. she also started a buncha cleanin' around here and it's annoying. But, she says we'll all appreciate it when she finishes it in about three years. it's gettin' real chilly here in the Mitten state. 'specially at night. brrrrr i'm glad i get to cuddle with my Mom. Casey got a buncha fur shaved off yesterday. she had such bad mats she was a disgrace to catdom. my Mom had that groomer in a van out in the Spring, but Casey doesn't take care of herself and complains when anybody else tries to, so she got shaved. just in spots. she looks really funny, all lopsided and stuff. not like me. i take impecable care of my fur. i have a couple 'a really small mats right in front of my tail on my back, but my Mom has already snipped off a couple and i'll let her do the others, not like my stupid sister who bites people who try to help her!

hope everybody is doin' good. my Mom says maybe we'll have time to go lookin' around at blogs tomorrow night 'cause we haven't been. i hope so, i miss everyone.