Thursday, July 31, 2008

goin' away again

well, she's off again. this trip is with her friends she's known a very long time that they take every summer. they've been to Stratford and Niagara Falls and Tobermory on the Bruce Penninsula. this year they're goin' to Ohio. why, I'm not sure. only for a few days, she'll be back on Sunday, so that's good.
since i don't get to go, i can only look at what's already happened. this beautiful picture is the Big Piney Woods house. look at all the pretty fowlers! my Mom said one of the most interesting things is that they don't have a furnace. they heat with a wood stove and a backup heater. with all that snow! maybe it acts like a blanket and keeps 'em warm?
well, bye Mom, have a good time. i'll miss you. again............

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday and my Mom is still home!

i get a little worried that she'll take off again, but she's been doin' house stuff - bringin' groceries in and changin' sheets and washin' laundry. she bought a new barbeque yesterday 'cause our old one died, but she's makin' smelly ribs with some stuff on them that she calls a "dry rub". all i know is it smells bad. spicy. but she said she'll have cod for me, so i'll suffer through the smelly ribs. i did get a new plate. she brought it from Idaho and it's real pretty, white with black and red designs on it. she brought the Dad some new tee shirts (i think i heard him say they're too small - they're xtra large, they sure do make tee shirts small in Idaho.) other than that, not much goin' on. Friday was the Dad's birthday, but he didn't want to do anything special. here's another picture from Idaho that my Mom asked me to post. it's a real pretty view from somewhere, i forgot where she said.
well, i'm gonna go help with the food. she had to "cure" the barbeque by turnin' it on high for fifteen minutes before cookin' with it. so whatever sickiness it had is gone now. hope everybody has had a good weekend!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

My Mom is home!!!!

well. my Mom had a wonderful time. she said everybody in the Big Piney Woods is soooo nice. she said Calico Mom Toni felt like a good friend and all the kitties were fun, 'specially Mittens who slept with her! (i didn't like hearin' that.....but my Mom said it was a good thing 'cause she wasn't as lonely for me that way, so i guess it's ok) she said she couldn't think of one thing that she didn't like, that everyone made her feel so welcome it was like bein' in a fairy tale! she said the weirdest thing is the pack of Alpacas down the road. do you know what an Alpaca is? i guess beans grow them for their fur. if you look over there on the left, you'll see what they look like. she had an elk steak and an elk burger to eat and said they were really good (the Calico Dad cooked 'em)

here is a picture of my Mom and Calico Mom Toni.

they look kinda the same size don't they? anyway, she loved her trip and is so happy that she went. the worst part 'bout it was leavin'. she said she had tears in her eyes when it was time to go 'cause she doesn't know if she'll ever see any of them again and that made her sad. but, she is happy to be back home with me, i'm glad 'bout that too!
we'll post more pictures, probly tomorrow. my Mom went back to work today (she said it was awful) and is really tired and wants to go up to bed. yea!