Thursday, October 18, 2007

We are touched

Max the Psychokitty has given us a great honor - he received this award and bestowed it upon us also ....... thank you Max. as one of the founding fathers of cat blogs, this is indeed high praise. we so hoped when we started bloggin' that we would "fit in" and not be scorned by all of you. we are so happy to have made so many friends who stand by thru thick and thin. Thank You to all of our friends. We would like to pass this on to two bloggers - one who we still call "the Calico Girls" who are really the "Big Piney Woods Cats". they have proven to be good friends to my Mom since she got sick and she loves them all. the other is WMD, "William of Mass Destruction". William has a perspective on stuff that we like a lot, and we feel connected to him too. So take your bows and keep delighting us with your ways. You too Max, you rock.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sissy Collar

geesh. my white glitterly gay sequin collar was bad enough. but when the big black collar hole in the backyard stole that one, this is what my Mom replaced it with. i'm embarassed to be seen in public......i think the squirrels are laughing at me......

Friday, October 05, 2007


william tagged me to show you my desktop. now keep in mind this is really my MOM's computer and her desktop. i am not so full of myself that i would put this on my own desktop, she did it. i asked her why and she said "you can't help it that you are so beautiful....." weird....
anyway, i tag Scooby, Shaggy and Scout and the girls from the Big Piney Woods. you do it by going to your desktop and hitting "Prt Scr" next to F12. then go to whatever photo editing program you use, open a new document and hit Ctrl + V and it'll paste in.......

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Happy Purrthday Mom

wow. is my Mom old or what? she turned 55 today, i think that's more than, like a hundred. (gosh, i hope she doesn't get mad at me for tellin' how old she is.......) oh well, what's done is done. me and Casey got her flowers and a daisy plant! she liked them a lot. but you know what? she said the best present of the day was when i cuddled under her chin this morning and purred her back to sleep after she turned the stupid alarm off. i like that.

we did get our poem into Max's Mom, at least i hope they got it. i'm very proud of my literary efforts.

i got more burrs in my fur today. those big HUGE ones. they are so sharp, yuk. i bit one, again, and kinda got an owie. i hope my Mom won't notice.

hope everybody's doin' good and feelin' healthy. fall is definitely in the air. we had a tree cut down the other day, not anything like those hillbilly tree guys that i posted about two years ago. they were scary.