Saturday, September 23, 2006

not too much goin' on 'round here. my Mom was 'specially happy to get to the weekend 'cause she was really tired. i told her we should just lounge 'round all weekend so we could rest, but no, she has to clean and do laundry and go to the grocery store. sheesh. that's way too much stuff! plus, she's makin' dinner tomorrow for some friends of hers and the Dad, so she's gotta do all that stuff too. so i'm left here, by myself, just doin' nothing. what?? oops, my Mom just said if i'm so bored i should go out and get a paper route so i think i'll just be quiet now..... um, what's a paper route?

Sunday, September 17, 2006

the power of positive

Calico Mom Toni is having eye surgery on Tuesday. she believes that Mother Nature is very powerful and so do we. my sister and i went outside today to enjoy nature and to think of Toni and to hope with all our hearts that she will be well. some of the things we looked at and drew strength from are here

pretty flowers in our yard, blessing us with their beauty and their scents. hard to see up there, but our little friend the chickadee, enjoying a late afternoon snack. and of course, one of the best things that nature has given us: US, me and Casey ! (and all poodins!!)

Derby already asked that everybody pray, and i don't want to duplicate efforts. other than to say, Calico Mom be well on Tuesday. our thoughts will be with you, before, during and after your surgery when you're gettin' better!
Edsel, Casey and Edselsmom

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

good friends

well. first, two weeks ago when my Mom had important doctor appointments, the Calico Girls were so sweet to send us a package to make sure we felt happy. it had catnip and treats and toys and my beatiful diamond collar that i can't wear yet and even some special chocolate for my Mom. she said it is really yummy (but won't let me have any)

now, today, we got a box in the mail from my Tuxedo Gun Moll Boni, and the rest of her lovely family. i got a super duper secret paw present. it was so secret i didn't even know i was going to get it. i didn't sign up for secret paw this year 'cause of some unfortunate stuff that happened last year. but the Hot(M)BC and mom Robyn were so sweet to include me anyway. i got a 'ramic kitty and russianless white russian, and excellent nip, and cool balls and mints for the Dad and a real pretty special crystal for my Mom.

man, i love all you guys......i think i'm gonna tear up here......

i'll tell you. with good friends like the Calico Girls and the Hot(M)BCs my Mom and i will always feel happy!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

help us all

i do not like to brag, but i think i'm somewhat of an attractive little fellow.

if you or anybody else thinks that i will allow anyone to give me a rooster shot, knowing that that is what they look like, you got another think comin'. i will live under the bed the rest of my life before i get in my carrier to go to the vet doctor. ain't no way, no how, sorry.

Friday, September 08, 2006


i'm gettin' a little concerned. are roosters takin' over the world??

first Scout had to get his rooster shots (which sounds just awful).
then, then, Wiliam had some rooster over to his house doin'
somethin' awful with the black lagoon in their drain.

should we be worried????

Sunday, September 03, 2006

hot head

hi! it's kind of a chilly day today, not even 70 degrees. so, my Mom, wonderful Mom that she is, turned on my Hot Head lamp and i'm relaxing under it. it's so nice, 'cause the window is open so i get nice fresh air and can keep an eye on the birds and squirrels, but i stay toasty warm 'cause my lamp is on and i sit right under it. some days, life is very, very, good.

p.s. plus! i heard we're havin' broasted chicken for dinner today!!

Friday, September 01, 2006


i wonder where the summer went. it's september already and my Mom says thats the start of fall. that if we're lucky we'll still get a bunch a warm days, but she said i'll start growin' my winter coat soon! (i wonder where i'll grow it? is there a special spot in the yard where i need to plant the seeds? where do i get the seeds? how will i know they're the right color??) sigh...there is just so much for a little poodin to worry 'bout. those are my buds up there. they're called goldfinches. they eat like pigs.