Sunday, June 13, 2010

June 12th

I know it's not June 12th today, it's the 13th. But I have to mention the 12th 'cause that's the four year annaversary of when my Mom got her head operated on. We were so scared and didn't know what to expect. But, she's still here, doin' good and I'm happy for that.

My dumb sister Casey looks like a drowned stuffed animal. Her fur is real long and wispy and it forms huge matts all over her body. Two years ago we had some Australian company come with their mobile grooming unit to our driveway, my Mom took Casey out and they brought her inside when she was "done." Except, they didn't do a very good job at all. She still had lotsa matts and didn't look good at all. Last year, a woman, Pam, came over and picked Casey up and took her home and did her nails and groomed her really nice and gave her a bath. She came home all way pretty and I even told her so! This year, my Mom called Pam the groomy lady, to see if she would do Casey and Pam said "of course". So that day, she was supposed to be here around 9:30 to pick her up, but she never showed. My Mom called a few times and Pam never even returned her call. My Mom called her some names I won't repeat.
So a few days ago she sat down with the "Yellow Pages" (if you don't know what they are, ask your people, I had to ask). Most of the people listed in the Pet Grooming section don't do cats. They kept tellin' my Mom that they're too hard to work with. She finally found a Vet dr. place that has a groomer and called and the lady seemed real nice, said of course they do cats, so my Mom took Casey over on friday morning. The lady said they'd probably do a Lion Cut.
Brought her back later that day and boy did that lady do a bad job. Poor Casey looks like a stuffed animal that somebody with a hacksaw came after. Her fur is all choppy, different lengths, with longer tufts just jutting out. Her fur, what she has left, is all crooked and funny looking. I've tried to be nice and not tell her how bad she looks 'cause I don't want her to feel embarassed. They even cut her whiskers!!! Those stupid people, cat's are not supposed to have their whiskers cut! So now every time my Mom sits down, Casey is tryin' to sit on her lap. my Mom says she's probly cold. I told my Mom she better not let anybody do that to my fur or I'll rip off their arm, then run away! I was gonna take a picture of Casey and post it so you all can see how goofy she looks, but my Mom says that's not nice. I'll try to get one later and maybe post it tomorrow when she's not lookin'.

Good everybody is doin' good. I'm tryin' to catch up on at least reading blogs. I'm not taking time to comment 'cause if I did I'd NEVER catch up. Miss you all and I'll try to post and read more!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

we are so lazy

we here in the Mitten state have been very lazy 'bout bloggin'. my Mom gets home from her work feelin' tired and sad (that's a whole story we won't go into much.) and doesn't want to sit more at the computer after bein' at one all day. on the weekends she's busy doin' home stuff, bills, and computer stuff and cleanin' and goin' to the store for food and doin' laundry and takin' care of plants and tryin' to find time to read a book or work on her yarn stuff. but, today I talked her into openin' up the blog for me so I can type. aren't i doin' good??

not much goin' on. my Mom and the Dad say they are broke. i think they are talkin' 'bout green papers, not their bones or anything. i don't mind bein' broke, but it makes my Mom sad, so I try and cheer her up. she says i do a good job. at night I curl up under her chin, around her neck and sleep and she says that helps her sleep, so that's a good thing. she said it makes her happy, too, to wake up and know that i'm right there.

my Mom is done with chemo except for a drug that stops blood flow to fast growin' cells, she still gets that every other week. but it was the other stuff that makes people feel sick and she doesn't have to have that one anymore. so instead of goin' to the chemo place at the hospital and bein' hooked up for almost four hours, she only has to sit there for a half hour. that's good. her doctor said she did real good and they have to watch her now. i can help with that!!

everything is so pretty outside. it's early Spring and the green of the leaves and grass and stuff is different than later in the year. it's fresh and new lookin'. the flowers are comin' up, some daffodills are bloomin' and the forsythia bushes are bloomin'. my Mom said the peonies just popped their heads outa the dirt. my favorites, the hostas, are growin' too. the Dad is gonna be mean right from the beginning and wall them in with chunks of wood so I can't chew on the stems. i told him that would look real bad and to stop bein' so fussy. i don't chew on all of them, just the ones that grow REAL BIG. he said i ruin them. i just try and keep 'em trimmed so they don't grow too big. he's a fuss budget. (i don't know what that means, but i like callin' him that.)

my Mom was goin' through her warm weather clothes to pull out the ones she's goin' to wear this year. she says she's not plannin' on buyin' any, that she's already got more than she needs. unfortunately, she can't zip most of the pants up! ooh, she's gonna be mad i told you that! but she's been stressed out and when she's stressed she eats chocolate. it made her gain some weight. but, she's already started back on her low carbohidrate eatin' plan so she's already losin' some. i still think she looks good, but she says she looks fat.......

we've had a lot of bisitors over lately. the Dad has a guy who takes pictures who's gonna trade him pictures for some jewelry for his wife. there is a woman who is going to build him a new website (with those new pictures!) and trade too. there's a couple other new people who have been here and i haven't been so jumpy like i used to be. it used to be that i would right away run upstairs and hide under the bed, but now i kinda hang around in the other room, just so i can hear what's goin' on. i guess i got brave instead of bein' kinda wimpy. my Mom says she's proud of me. all the birds my Mom likes to feed are back. the chickadees are the most important ones and they're back. they sing every morning and we listen to them every morning after the alarm goes off before we get up. my Mom put a whole bunch of my fur in the bushes, like she always does in the spring, so they can use it to pad their nests. at least one time, they built their whole nest out of fur. no grass or sticks or nothin'. just fur. it was tiny and really, really cool. the goldfinches are back too. they are so pretty, all bright yellow and black. they look like party decorations, not birds.

well, i'm goin' to help my Mom heat up leftovers for dinner. they go to JJ Fatts on friday for dinner. for 4.99 my Mom gets a 1/2 pound burger with cheese and a HUGE order of fries and a big glass of pop. the Dad gets the hot dog special. they only eat half and bring the rest home and have it for saturday dinner. my Mom says it very ekanomikal.

and we have excitement to look forward to - more Red Wings games!! yea Wings!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Almost Balentine's Day!

Wow, it's almost Balentine's Day! We have a friend, Pam, who opened up her own store in Berkley a couple of months ago. It's cool, accessories at fair prices. Really nice scarves and purses and hats and jewlery (of course some of the Dad's, for men and women). The Dad stopped by there today to say hello and brought home some rad black and white gloves for my Mom and a pretty cool hat in a really bright color. She tried it on and frowned at herself in the mirror, but she said that if it's really cold out she would definitely wear it to keep warm. The Dad also brought home from Pam's some chocolates and what my Mom says are super good cookies. Some are covered in chocolate, she moaned when she ate one of those. The others have stuff in them, like chunks of chocolate and she hasn't tried those yet.
I had to go to the vet doctor today. I got there and DR. CINDY AND DAWN THE TECH WERE NOT THERE! Those two are the best and I had to put up with two people I never met before. They were fine, but they wern't Dr. Cindy and Dawn. They combed my fur and used electric clippers to shave a part off that looks really stupid now. Dr. Cindy and Dawn wouldn't have done that. Then they stuck a needle in my bladder to take out pee to check. My special food is to keep crystals and stones from forming, but it could work too good and make my pee wrong so it would hurt my kidneys. So I have to get checked every six months. We actually ran out of my crunchy food Wednesday night. So I had to live through Thursday and Friday without my food. My Mom tried feeding me wet food that I don't like. She did open a can of tuna and I ate some of that. But that just doesn't fill me up like my crunchies do. Thankfully we came home today with a big bag.

I didn't get my Mom anything for Balentine's Day. She told me she didn't want me to. That we need to be careful with our green papers. (I heard how much it cost at the vet doctors today and my ears went straight up. That was an awful lot of money!) She said her present is knowing I'm healthy. And I admit, that is a nice present.

I haven't much liked our weather. I can't even get into the condo. The ramp is really deep with snow and I can't walk thru it. If the Dad cared about me and Casey, he'd clean it off. But, it will be Spring pretty soon and our winter hasn't been that bad. Not like some places where they got two feet of snow in one day.

My Mom is makin' that stupid turkey meatball soup for their dinner tomorrow. What ever happened to makin' salmon? That's healthy and it tastes real good. What? She said she wants something that will make the house smell good when it's cookin' and make leftovers too. Apparently soup will do that and salmon won't. Sigh. (Maybe she remembered to get me cod for Balentine's Day??????) I'll be real nice to her tonight so she'll feel guilty if she didn't and go out tomorrow to the store.

My Mom and her friends that she's known forever and she goes away with them for four days every summer went out for lunch a few weeks ago to plan this year's trip. They decided to go to the place they were going to go last summer but my Mom had to cancel 'cause she started her chemology. Brown County Indiana at the end of July. Her chemology has gone real good. Her hair is gettin' pretty thin, but she hasn't had hardly any side effects and she'll be able to stop it soon. She can't wait 'cause it makes her feel real tired and kinda sick.

Well, that's all for now. I'm gonna go have some more crunchies. It's terrible when they run out of your favorite food, that you eat every day. How rude!

Happy Balentines Day to everyone! Lots of purrs and head butts!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

almost the end of the Year!

i don't know where the year went, do you? all of a sudden it's almost 2010. my Mom had a fun day today. she had lunch with a friend, then they went to a new store in our city, Berkley. It's called Hope's Chest. a friend of the Dad and my Mom owns it and she sells akcessories that are not expensive. but they're really nice. very hip and tasteful my Mom says. we all hope the store does well. plus my Mom went to lunch at a new restaurant called "Hogger's". yup, it's a lot of pork stuff, but other stuff too, like burgers and chicken. my Mom wasn't very hungry so she ordered a side of macaroni and cheese and collard greens. she said it was very good.
it's cold. only 24 degrees today, but the sun is out, so it makes the snow shine. we don't have very much, just enough so i don't want to walk in the yard. makes my toes too cold.
did anybody see the thing on HBO about the annieversery of the rock and roll hall of fame? we watched it on our DVR and it's really, really good. if you haven't seen it but get HBO watch for it to play again. it's worth seeing. my Mom and me were dancing in our seat last night when we watched it. 'specially the Bruce Springsteen parts.
we have no 'citement to report. my Mom is still gettin' poizon in her veins. the doctor said things are lookin' good, the scans show things are a tiny bit smaller, not bigger, so that's real good news. the Dad's van has some broken stuff on it that will take lots of green papers to fix, so it'll be a little while before the fixin' gets done. i'm 'sposed to go to the vet dr. and get my pee checked, I hope my Mom puts that off 'cause of green papers.
ooh, ooh, ooh, i got a joke for you!
Sylvester Stallone, Tony Danza and Arnold Schwartzenegger are sittin' around one night in a bar, havin' a beer and talkin'. they decide they want to do a musical together. they each take home a few scripts and decide to meet in a few days for lunch.
they meet for lunch and find out that they all liked the same script. it's about some famous musical composers.
Stallone says "I'll be Beethoven", Danza says "I'll be Motzart" and Schwartzenegger says "I'll be Bach."
well. i'm gonna go help my Mom in the kitchen. hope you liked my joke, let me know. if I don't talk to you before, you have a happy and safe New Year's Eve.
Edsel the Pooch

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Fall!!!

it's officially Fall. it wasn't much of a summer anyway, but now the calendar says it's 'ficially fall. it's been pretty cool at night (good cuddle with my Mom weather!) my Mom is feelin' pretty good. she gets poizen every other week, but she hasn't had any throwin' up or stuff. just feelin' real tired. so we're real happy. her doctor says it's 'cause she's so healthy and strong.
my Mom has been cookin' really creepy food. last sunday she made turkey meatball soup. why i ask you, would ANYONE make, let alone EAT, turkey meatball soup????? the Dad likes it, but he's a really easy guy to feed.
i almost caught a chip last night. i was THIS close it nabbin' it. but then i wouldn't have known what to do with it. they're too cute to hurt (my stupid sister Casey is laughin at me, she catches 'em so she can eat them RAW. makes me sick to think 'bout that.)
my Mom mentioned that Christmas is comin' pretty soon. that makes my head hurt, but she's right, it'll be here before we know it.
the Dad is showin' his new work, jewelry and Judaica, at an art show on October 6th. he and my Mom have been really busy makin' stuff to sell at the show and at some galleries close by. his new stuff is really nice. i'll try to post a couple of pictures.
i hope everybody is doin' good. i haven't been able to read many blogs 'cause my Mom says "no time, no time....." but i'm gonna try to MAKE her let me. i miss you guys......

Sunday, August 16, 2009

boy time flies

it's hot here, over 90 degrees. i know to some of you, 90 is nothing, but here in the Mitten state that's pretty hot. yesterday was Dream Cruise day, when all the people who have old, rickety cars take them out on this street called Woodward ......what?.....oh, my Mom says the cars arent' rickety, they're just old and that the people who own them take really good care of them 'cause most of 'em are worth lotsa money and they're cool......whatever..... anyway, they take all these cars to this street that's pretty close to our house and drive back and forth and all kindsa people stand and sit on the side of the road and scream at them, I don't know why. but it's really LOUD 'cause a lota the cars have really big engines and souped up parts, I don't know the teknikal names for them, but I'm really glad it's over, it was TOO LOUD.
my Mom has been gettin' poizen in her veins every other Thursday and so far she hasn't had hardly any side effects so we're real happy 'bout that. her hair is fallin' out just a tiny bit, so that's good too. we don't know when she has a test to see how it's workin', she says she hopes to find out this week.

we have about a zillion chipmunks in our yard, so if anybody wants a couple, send me a little box with your address on it and....what?.......why not? don't know that for sure........well, crap..... my Mom said to unregard what I just said. that we can't ship chips in boxes that there's rule 'bout shippin' live things. i think she's makin' it up, but she says it's all the way true and she'll take me to a website and show me if I want. I might make her do that 'cause I think she just doesn't wanna share.

we're havin' another crummy meal tonight. some kinda pork burger with garlic and fresh ginger and teriakey sauce. it smells just awful. she's puttin' 'em on the barbeque and that's good, keep as much of that smell out of the house as possible. and of course she can't be bothered to throw some fish on the grill. i'm tellin' you, I may need to move somewhere else. they don't take very good care of me here. oops. my Mom gave me a mean look. i take it back. they take REALLY GOOD care of me here. you all know that. and i appreciate it tons.

Calico Mom Toni loves her job at the shelter. my Mom is very jealous of that job, bein' able to help so many kitties. in fact she said she's gonna look around here to see if anybody would like her help to do somethin' like that. of course she'd need to get paid, so that might be a problem. but at least she can ask.

the birdies and squirrels are spending lots of time in our birdbaths, drinkin' water. it's very dry and they are so happy to be able to pull up to our little "ponds." I like watchin' them.

I guess thats' all the news for now. this here is a picture of me with some of the fresh catnip that's growin' in our yard. my Mom and the Dad were worried that it would attract other kitties but so far it hasn't. it's reallll good!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Middle of June already

Hi everybody! Time sure does go by fast. I'll try to do short updates of what's goin' on here. My Mom got poizun put in her veins on Tuesday. She only went to work for a few hours Wednesday and Thursday, then came home for a long weekend that involved lotsa sleepin'. she's very happy that she didn't get real sicky from it, just very, very, very tired. she even had trouble watchin' the hockey games 'cause she kept dozin' off. Wednesday night she was in the bathroom for a long time. i'm not sure what she was doin', i just know she wasn't happy. but since then, she's eatin' whatever she wants, her appetite came back. she still looks the same too. and Friday she changed doctors. she didn't like the new chemologist that she had. he didn't call in a pill she needed to the drug store and did not explain things good. her new doctor she said is very nice and explains everything real good. so she has to have poizun put in her every other week, three times. then she'll have a test to see if she needs more.

I had to go to the vet dr. this week too. i needed my pee checked to make sure i still needed to be on special food plus bloodworks. i lost a little more weight and Dr. Cindy wants to make sure everything is okay, so they took most of my blood out of me. Then Tabitha and Dr. Cindy combed and combed and combed me 'till they got all the old fur and little mats out. my Mom says i look "sleek and studly" now (I didn't before????) that picture up there is me after we got home, loungin' on the back porch and enjoying my mat free fur.

And, as some of you noticed and sent me nice wishes, it was my purrthday this week. I'm twelbe whole years old! my Mom said we'd try to celebrate this weekend, but today she asked if I minded if we waited another day or two when she has more enerjie. heck no, that's fine with me, just so we do it sometime. i don't want my Mom to get overtired.

this picture is of a pork roast my Mom made a couple weeks ago on the barbeque. everybody who's seen it has said it looks yummy, so i thought i'd show you all. personally, i'd rather see fish comin' off that barbeque. the butcher at the store she bought it from was really acited that she was actually put all kindsa stuff on it, not just bottled barbeque sauce.
I think my Mom is callin' for pizza today. yuck. i bet they won't even consider a shrimp pizza!