Sunday, June 13, 2010

June 12th

I know it's not June 12th today, it's the 13th. But I have to mention the 12th 'cause that's the four year annaversary of when my Mom got her head operated on. We were so scared and didn't know what to expect. But, she's still here, doin' good and I'm happy for that.

My dumb sister Casey looks like a drowned stuffed animal. Her fur is real long and wispy and it forms huge matts all over her body. Two years ago we had some Australian company come with their mobile grooming unit to our driveway, my Mom took Casey out and they brought her inside when she was "done." Except, they didn't do a very good job at all. She still had lotsa matts and didn't look good at all. Last year, a woman, Pam, came over and picked Casey up and took her home and did her nails and groomed her really nice and gave her a bath. She came home all way pretty and I even told her so! This year, my Mom called Pam the groomy lady, to see if she would do Casey and Pam said "of course". So that day, she was supposed to be here around 9:30 to pick her up, but she never showed. My Mom called a few times and Pam never even returned her call. My Mom called her some names I won't repeat.
So a few days ago she sat down with the "Yellow Pages" (if you don't know what they are, ask your people, I had to ask). Most of the people listed in the Pet Grooming section don't do cats. They kept tellin' my Mom that they're too hard to work with. She finally found a Vet dr. place that has a groomer and called and the lady seemed real nice, said of course they do cats, so my Mom took Casey over on friday morning. The lady said they'd probably do a Lion Cut.
Brought her back later that day and boy did that lady do a bad job. Poor Casey looks like a stuffed animal that somebody with a hacksaw came after. Her fur is all choppy, different lengths, with longer tufts just jutting out. Her fur, what she has left, is all crooked and funny looking. I've tried to be nice and not tell her how bad she looks 'cause I don't want her to feel embarassed. They even cut her whiskers!!! Those stupid people, cat's are not supposed to have their whiskers cut! So now every time my Mom sits down, Casey is tryin' to sit on her lap. my Mom says she's probly cold. I told my Mom she better not let anybody do that to my fur or I'll rip off their arm, then run away! I was gonna take a picture of Casey and post it so you all can see how goofy she looks, but my Mom says that's not nice. I'll try to get one later and maybe post it tomorrow when she's not lookin'.

Good everybody is doin' good. I'm tryin' to catch up on at least reading blogs. I'm not taking time to comment 'cause if I did I'd NEVER catch up. Miss you all and I'll try to post and read more!