Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Almost Balentine's Day!

Wow, it's almost Balentine's Day! We have a friend, Pam, who opened up her own store in Berkley a couple of months ago. It's cool, accessories at fair prices. Really nice scarves and purses and hats and jewlery (of course some of the Dad's, for men and women). The Dad stopped by there today to say hello and brought home some rad black and white gloves for my Mom and a pretty cool hat in a really bright color. She tried it on and frowned at herself in the mirror, but she said that if it's really cold out she would definitely wear it to keep warm. The Dad also brought home from Pam's some chocolates and what my Mom says are super good cookies. Some are covered in chocolate, she moaned when she ate one of those. The others have stuff in them, like chunks of chocolate and she hasn't tried those yet.
I had to go to the vet doctor today. I got there and DR. CINDY AND DAWN THE TECH WERE NOT THERE! Those two are the best and I had to put up with two people I never met before. They were fine, but they wern't Dr. Cindy and Dawn. They combed my fur and used electric clippers to shave a part off that looks really stupid now. Dr. Cindy and Dawn wouldn't have done that. Then they stuck a needle in my bladder to take out pee to check. My special food is to keep crystals and stones from forming, but it could work too good and make my pee wrong so it would hurt my kidneys. So I have to get checked every six months. We actually ran out of my crunchy food Wednesday night. So I had to live through Thursday and Friday without my food. My Mom tried feeding me wet food that I don't like. She did open a can of tuna and I ate some of that. But that just doesn't fill me up like my crunchies do. Thankfully we came home today with a big bag.

I didn't get my Mom anything for Balentine's Day. She told me she didn't want me to. That we need to be careful with our green papers. (I heard how much it cost at the vet doctors today and my ears went straight up. That was an awful lot of money!) She said her present is knowing I'm healthy. And I admit, that is a nice present.

I haven't much liked our weather. I can't even get into the condo. The ramp is really deep with snow and I can't walk thru it. If the Dad cared about me and Casey, he'd clean it off. But, it will be Spring pretty soon and our winter hasn't been that bad. Not like some places where they got two feet of snow in one day.

My Mom is makin' that stupid turkey meatball soup for their dinner tomorrow. What ever happened to makin' salmon? That's healthy and it tastes real good. What? She said she wants something that will make the house smell good when it's cookin' and make leftovers too. Apparently soup will do that and salmon won't. Sigh. (Maybe she remembered to get me cod for Balentine's Day??????) I'll be real nice to her tonight so she'll feel guilty if she didn't and go out tomorrow to the store.

My Mom and her friends that she's known forever and she goes away with them for four days every summer went out for lunch a few weeks ago to plan this year's trip. They decided to go to the place they were going to go last summer but my Mom had to cancel 'cause she started her chemology. Brown County Indiana at the end of July. Her chemology has gone real good. Her hair is gettin' pretty thin, but she hasn't had hardly any side effects and she'll be able to stop it soon. She can't wait 'cause it makes her feel real tired and kinda sick.

Well, that's all for now. I'm gonna go have some more crunchies. It's terrible when they run out of your favorite food, that you eat every day. How rude!

Happy Balentines Day to everyone! Lots of purrs and head butts!