Sunday, June 14, 2009

Middle of June already

Hi everybody! Time sure does go by fast. I'll try to do short updates of what's goin' on here. My Mom got poizun put in her veins on Tuesday. She only went to work for a few hours Wednesday and Thursday, then came home for a long weekend that involved lotsa sleepin'. she's very happy that she didn't get real sicky from it, just very, very, very tired. she even had trouble watchin' the hockey games 'cause she kept dozin' off. Wednesday night she was in the bathroom for a long time. i'm not sure what she was doin', i just know she wasn't happy. but since then, she's eatin' whatever she wants, her appetite came back. she still looks the same too. and Friday she changed doctors. she didn't like the new chemologist that she had. he didn't call in a pill she needed to the drug store and did not explain things good. her new doctor she said is very nice and explains everything real good. so she has to have poizun put in her every other week, three times. then she'll have a test to see if she needs more.

I had to go to the vet dr. this week too. i needed my pee checked to make sure i still needed to be on special food plus bloodworks. i lost a little more weight and Dr. Cindy wants to make sure everything is okay, so they took most of my blood out of me. Then Tabitha and Dr. Cindy combed and combed and combed me 'till they got all the old fur and little mats out. my Mom says i look "sleek and studly" now (I didn't before????) that picture up there is me after we got home, loungin' on the back porch and enjoying my mat free fur.

And, as some of you noticed and sent me nice wishes, it was my purrthday this week. I'm twelbe whole years old! my Mom said we'd try to celebrate this weekend, but today she asked if I minded if we waited another day or two when she has more enerjie. heck no, that's fine with me, just so we do it sometime. i don't want my Mom to get overtired.

this picture is of a pork roast my Mom made a couple weeks ago on the barbeque. everybody who's seen it has said it looks yummy, so i thought i'd show you all. personally, i'd rather see fish comin' off that barbeque. the butcher at the store she bought it from was really acited that she was actually put all kindsa stuff on it, not just bottled barbeque sauce.
I think my Mom is callin' for pizza today. yuck. i bet they won't even consider a shrimp pizza!