Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve

i don't understand why so many beans make such a big fuss 'bout today and tomorrow. the "date" changes my Mom tells me, but so what? beans make all kindsa rezolushuns and don't keep 'em what what i hear. oh well. they have to occupy themselves with something i guess.

we're havin' the traditional pizza, salad and broasted chicken tonight. and lox and bagels tomorrow. i sure hope there's gonna be some cod in there somewhere.

oh, an update. the box for the digital thermometer turned up, so the thermometer is back in it's "bed." but that nasty butter is still missin'. it is still a big mystery.

it's very cold, 17 degrees right now and gettin' colder. i'm sure glad i have a nice, warm home and that my Mom and the Dad love us. last night while watching DVRd tv shows (my Mom is a House addict. does anyone know who shot him and why and why his leg is still so bad?) my Mom rubbed my tummy for so long that her hand started to sweat and got my furs all damp and creepy. i hope she doesn't do that again. there is a limit to how much tummy rubbin' is good, for gosh sakes.

gotta go. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!!!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas two days late and a BIG MYSTERY

ah, we're so slow. it certainly isn't MY fault. i kept remindin' my Mom all day that we needed to wish everybody a Merry Chrissymouse, but she just kept rushin' around doin' stuff with food and cleanin' stuff too. what a bore. AND YOU KNOW WHAT???? she didn't even take any pictures of me and Casey on Chrissymouse. she said she can do that anytime as long as the tree is still up, but that would be fakin' it and I don't like that idea.

There is a BIG Mystery, tho. see that picture? it's a simulation of the actual event. on Chrissymouse afternoon, my Mom cut half a stick of butter and put in on a plate Just Like This One. The whole box of butter sticks had been on the counter 'cause she thought she might bake another batch of cookies. (she should look at herself in the mirror first, i'm just sayin'......)
anyway, because the butter was real soft, she thought she put it in the room that serves as the Dad's office space (as opposed to his studio space) 'cause they close the heat vent and keep the door shut. he doesn't spend much time in there in the winter, so they figure they might as well save the heat. it's kinda like a not real cold refrigamator and she thought the butter could stand to firm up a little. she also took the digital meat thermometer out of the cupboard where it lives,to use it. she thought she put the box on the counter, sort of pushed to the back.
later, when the dinner was ready, my Mom went to get the butter, she couldn't find it. anywhere. my aunt barbara helped look and she couldn't find it either. so my Mom got some more out of the refrigermator and nuked it for a few seconds so people could spread it on their bread.
then, when the ladies were cleanin' up all the dishes and food stuff, while the lazy guys sat at the table and talked, she looked for the box for the thermometer. it wasn't there!
later yet, when it was time to open presents, she went to get the camera, but it wasn't where she thought she had set it down.
she found the camera yesterday and recreated the butter dish in a photo. she wants everyone to be on alert for the sneaky thing. and also for the thermometer box. it's white. it's from Radio Shack. she's very perplexed. where could they have gone?????
(personally, her memory has gotten so bad i think she just put the stuff someplace weird and they'll find it in the middle of summer of somethin')
I told her I'd do my best to help find the missin' stuff, but if all you poodins could help, that would be a good thing. i don't want her to think she's goin' crazy or somethin' .......
tomorrow i'll write more and tell you about my Secret Paw and other presents. I hope everycat had a Wonderful Chrissymouse!!