Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We Will Be the CHAMPIONS


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

my sister is a creep

she's been tryin' to scare me with creepy stories 'bout dark forrests where there are gremlins and ghosts and mean things that go wooo, wooo, wooo in the night. she says our Mom may not come home from the dark piney forrest. snif.....snif.....i don't want my Mom to not come home.....what should i do??????? ooohh Mom, i miss you already!!!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!

i am so 'ecited! my Mom has been tellin' me she's takin' two trips this summer instead of one, but she woulndn't tell me where the second one was goin'. actually, it's the first one, at the beginnin' of July. you will never, ever, ever guess. i'm a little upset 'cause it's far, far away and she'll be gone for days, but i'm happy for her too 'cause she's happy and really, really lookin' forward to it. she wanted to go last summer, but had to get stuff done to her head instead.

you wanna know where she's goin'???? do you??? maybe i'll tell you tomorrow...... what? oh, my Mom says i'm bein' mean, to just go ahead and spill the beans (what beans??? is she nuts or somethin'??) anyway, she's goin' to the Big Piney Woods!!!!!! Yes!!! isn't that eciting???? she's gonna see Miss Patches, and Mittens Pollypaws and Precious Flower and Mistrie Rose and their Mom Toni. oh, i am so jealous. i asked right away if i could go, and she said she was very sorry but i wouldn't like flyin' in the planes or the airports or car rides and would just hate bein' away from home. i guess she's right, i'll miss her like crazy, but i think all that travelin' is crazy too.

we'll keep you updated 'bout the plans. I know Mom Toni has stuff planned for them to do. my Mom says looking forward most to sittin' and talkin' and relaxin' and walkin' in the pretty places there. she said there are fireworks over a lake on the 4th of July. that doesn't sound good to me, but she's ecited 'bout that!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Spring is really here!

yup, it's true. Spring has Sprung here in the Mitten state. I'm all tired out from helpin' out in the yard doin' 'mportant things (i mostly snoopervised, but the Dad needed a lot of that).
below, are two of our pretty trees. my Mom doesn't know what kind they are. a few years ago the city was sellin' trees for $50 each. they would even come out and plant 'em as long as you let them put them on the "city strip" between the sidewalk and the street. Mom and the Dad said that was fine. they was all kinda small back then, but they've turned into fine trees, don't you think? The pink one is one the side street that runs next to our house (we're on a corner) and the white one is right in front, with the house across the street in the background. i like them, but 'cause i can't get out to visit either one of them, they're not my favorite. my Mom cut some lilacs today and brought them in, they smell real pretty. the lily of the valley are going to bloom this week she said.

my Mom went to a "gold party" at her friend Denise's sisters house the other night. people come with gold jewlery that they don't wear anymore and gold fillings and gold coins. and this guy with a bag of money comes and weighs everything and gives each person green papers for their gold. my Mom was happy with what she got. she said it will pay for the little trips she's goin' to take this summer. and she's really 'acited 'bout her trips, i'll tell you 'bout them later.
my Mom is makin' an icky dinner today. marinated flank steak with mushrooms and rice and corn on the cob. she keeps tellin' me how wonderful this corn is, "bicolor from Florida" whatever that means. I'd rather have cod. but i think I heard her say she has a fresh package of that and will make me a piece, so I forgive her the icky dinner she's makin' for them to eat.
we have very fussy birds in our yard. they eat the thistle in the finch feeder half way down, then won't eat anymore. my Mom checks it and it's not wet or moldy or anything. so she'll fill it up, they attack the food, and eat it half way down. my Mom went out today and filled the birdbaths too, 'cause they seem very thirsty. my Mom is nice like that.

well, i gotta go out and check on the Dad. he's got his big rock saw out and is cuttin' stuff and he needs to be snoopervised 'cause it's a pretty big saw and my Mom worries he's gonna cut somethin' off and bleed to death if we don't check on him often enough.