Monday, November 26, 2007

mr. ballerinaman?????

oh, please, somebody, stop my Mom now. i was just sittin' there tonight, and she looked over and said "oh, you have a perfect plea-ay". i don't know what a plea-ay is, but apparently it has somethin' to do with ballet, which i know zippo 'bout. so then she said "you're mr. ballerinaman!" this is gettin' embarrasin'. will someone please tell me what to do to stop all these stupid nicknames????

for those of you who have expressed concern about my limpy leg, it seems to be fine now. my Mom is a little perturbed at havin' to spend so much when nothin' was wrong, but i didn't ask to to to the vet dr., she took me there without any discussion.

Christmas is coming fast. let's all just focus on our love for everyone in the blogosphere. we can't afford presents for everyone we'd like to get presents for, so hopefully our good wishes will get to where we want them to go.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


well, everybody here had a nice Thanksgivin'. my Mom and the Dad went to Uncle Glenn and Aunt Barbara's house. there were twelve people for dinner, mostly aunt Barbara's peeps. her sister Julie from Baltimore brought their dog, Texer, who's about 15 pounds. my aunt and uncles dog, Elmer, is ninety pounds. my Mom said it was so funny 'cause the two dogs were rasslin' and rolling around and jumpin' and bitin' and growling, but all in fun. then they'd get all tired and collapse and rest, then do it again. after dinner, Julie was pettin' Texer on the head and found two ticks over his eye, all dug in and suckin' his blood. ooooh that sounds hideous. but Julie is a doctor and got them out and apparently he'll be fine. i'm glad i didn't have to see that! they came home with leftovers that i didn't care for, but just as we predicted, my Mom fixed me cod, so the day was saved!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

mr limpyman

sigh. why does my Mom have to give me so many dumb nicknames. anyway, just wanted to report that my limp is MUCH better. i limp a tiny bit, now, but can do the stairs fine, and i go out into the kitty condo and stuff. so i think i'm okay. that's good 'cause i didn't want to go for X-RAYS.

my Mom is makin' her grocery list so she can stop on the way home from work tomorrow and buy the stuff to make her yummy sweet potatoes and the dressing from heaven! (it smells soooo good in the oven.) but, unfortunately, WE don't get to have Thanksgiving 'cause they go over to my Uncle Glenn and Aunt Barbara's house. they cook the turkey and the mashed potatoes. my Mom makes the gravy when she gets there. Aunt Barbara's cousin Gordy make a Caesar Salad that my Mom says "is to die for." apparently it's got a lotta garlic in it? so, me and Casey will have a quiet day, which is okay. my Mom will be home Friday and PROMISED to spend time with me!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

more money!!!

i didn't mean to do an owie. this morning my Mom was drinkin' her first cup of coffee, sittin' in bed and readin' the paper, and i limped into the room, favorin' my right front paw. she quickly noticed and said "what's wrong?" something hurts, i didn't know what was wrong. but i limped out in the hall, then hopped back into the room on three legs. my Mom jumped up, grabbed me and held me on my back, inspectin' my paw to see if something was stuck in it or if it hurt when she pressed on it. nothing. so she felt around my leg and stuff and nothing made me wince, so she put me down on the floor and i hopped into the other room. i listened, and yup, it didn't take her two seconds to call the vet dr's office. they said they could "fit me in" so she got dressed real quick, mumblin' 'bout how all she wanted to do was relax and drink her coffee and read the *#@% paper. they dumped me in my carrier and off we went.

i met a new dr. today, 'cause dr. Cindy wasn't there. this one was fine, but she wasn't dr. Cindy. Dawn was there, tho, so that was nice, Dawn clips my nails with such authority, i would never even dream of trying to swipe at her, plus she smells good! they checked me out and i walked on all my paws, but with a big limp. they couldn't find anything 'specially wrong. the dr. said my shoulder felt a little "rough" like it might be swollen or somethin. so she sent us home with pain drops that my Mom has to start me on tonight. then if i don't get better by the end of the week, she has to take me in again for x-rays. my Mom was very happy that it wasn't anything awful, and that it was "ONLY" $139.00. the problem is that with the unexpected dentist appt. the Dad had Friday (only $501.00) and my Mom's new glasses recently, plus the Dad's colonoscopy, my Mom said the Christmas fund is getting small. i told her i don't care. just havin' her home from work for two weeks 'cause where she works closes down is ALL i want for Christmas!! she said that if i promise to spend lots 'o time with her when she's home, that will be her present. so it sounds like we're okay afterall!! oh, i distemper goop put in my nose. that was rude.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

mr. mouseman!

that's my Mom's new nickname for me. an incident happened two nights ago. if my poopy sister had been involved, it would have involved death. but 'cause i was in charge, it involved gettin' free.

my Mom and the Dad went out for dinner. when they got home, i tore down the steps and started to take the curve down the hall to run into the kitchen. but i got diverted. i heard a sound. a very tiny sound, under the basket in the hall, where they keep their gloves, next to a giant pottery tea pot. i vestigated. i dug, i moved the basket a little, i jumped behind it and dug a little more. my Mom noticed and told the Dad to get a small towel. my work was done, so i stepped back into the livin' room to watch. my Mom opened the front door and the Dad knelt down with the towel in one hand and moved the basket and THERE IT WAS. the tiniest mousie all of us had ever seen! the Dad scooped it up in the little towel and took it outside and my Mom sang a verse of "Born Free." then she hugged me and told me what a good, good boy i was to tell them the little mousie was there, but not to hurt it. she hates, hates, hates it when Casey bites little heads off, it makes her sick. so then she cooked me cod!!!! what a night.

(that's my special cod plate up there, empty, after i ATE it all!)

Saturday, November 03, 2007

We haven't posted in a while

my Mom has been very lazy......what?.......she said to say BUSY lately. we will post some pictures tomorrow when she is not so lazbusy.

my Mom is makin' a beef stew tomorrow. one of the things she bought today was potatoes. the bag says they are from Idaho. it made me wonder if the Big Piney Woods cats had anything to do with them? they're in Idaho too. does anybody know? mom Toni has never said anything to my Mom in their emails 'bout growin' potatoes, but maybe she just forgot?